A Report from the Proxy to the Throne of England

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A Report from the Proxy to the Throne of England- The True King of England versus the incumbent Royal Bâtards

The Real Deal with Dr Jim Fetzer, 26 July 2012.

In HALLETT REPORT NO 4 Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett talks in an interview with Dr. Jim Fetzer about the British Monarchy and the history of the British Monarchy and his role as the Proxy to the Throne of England.

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Transcript from the Interview on the 26th of July 2012
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, Jim Fetzer PhD, Jim Viken

Dr. Jim Fetzer:  Wow, Jim, you wouldn’t believe it!  This interview that Greg just gave is astonishing, absolutely fucking astonishing!

Dr. Jim Viken:  Every time I talk to him he blows my mind.

Jim Fetzer
:  I cannot believe it  . . .

Jim Viken
:  Most of the information is so far out it is incredulous to most people.

Jim Fetzer
:  Well, I am telling you, he explained it so beautifully today.  I understand it better than I ever have before.  I am telling you . . .

Jim Viken
:  I will say that everything that he told me that I checked out has turned out to be right.
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett:  Can you guys get on video.  Can I see you . . .

Main Interview

Jim Fetzer:  I’ll get us on the air.  This is Jim Fetzer, your host on ‘The Real Deal’ with my very special guest.  Again, you have heard him in the past from New Zealand.  Today he is living in Europe, actually in the UK.  He has written many books, very controversial, fascinating stuff.  Greg Hallett, welcome back to ‘The Real Deal’.

Greg Hallett
:  Thanks Jim, it’s been a while – it’s been a journey.

Jim Fetzer
:  I can’t believe that you let mere assassination attempts drive you out of New Zealand.

Greg Hallett
:  Well, you know, it was the 12th one, and I thought, you know, the 13th is trying to be a bit too lucky.

Jim Fetzer
:  Yes, yes.


Greg Hallett:  The Rugby World Cup was having its Opening Ceremony, so I escaped on that day because all the security was busy and focused inwards on the games and not on people leaving the country, so I literally escaped.  I got driven to the airport by somebody who knows what they’re doing and got seen onto the airplane.  It was a great relief to leave.  There was an enormous amount of pressure on me.
So I left on the 9th of September 2011, which is the opening of the Rugby World Cup, and on the 1st of June 2011 a potential witness for the case, Errol John Hincksman, was murdered, which was interesting, because some friends went to visit him, and they had (I am not sure if I told you this already) but they had half-a-bottle of beer in their hand, and there is a drinking ban in the city, and he lived right next to Myers Park, which is about 200 meters up the hill from the (Auckland City) Town Hall.  So they just went on a casual visit, and they were chased by Police Officers on foot for 45 minutes up and down alleyways.

Jim Fetzer:
 For having a can of beer?

Greg Hallett:
 Yes; which is like, you know, let’s say a $40 fine.  But they were chasing everyone away from the area.  Now Errol John Hincksman wasn’t a Methamphetamine user and he was very tidy.  And when he was murdered, he was found to have had a Methamphetamine overdose and his place was a mess.  So he was killed.  Errol John Hincksman was killed.
And he was one of Peter Williams’ tight ten in the heroin trafficking.  Errol John Hincksman was one of the ones in charge of collecting heroin debts.  So heroin users that owed money would be confronted by Errol John Hincksman.  He was about in his early 60s when it happened, when he died.

Jim Fetzer:  So he was an enforcer.

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  He was a tall and skinny guy.

Jim Fetzer:  What makes you think he was going to be a witness?

Greg Hallett:  I lived just across Myers Park from him, so we were virtually neighbors.  We would have been 100 meters door to door.  And if he had managed to be a witness on my behalf, it would have been the demise of Peter Williams, and it would have been the demise of the New Zealand Judiciary, that’s been protecting Peter Williams QC, his heroin trafficking, his murders.  And Peter Williams has been using paedophilia to control judges, and he had his common law wife Janine/Janey/Heeni Philips doing Scat, which is ritualistic defecation, on judges, lawyers and reporters.

Jim Fetzer:  You mean literally?  This is not just a form of performance art; this is doing a sexual ritual – a bizarre one.
Greg Hallett:  Yes – Sex-Shit – Scat.  So with that amount of shame involved, they had total control, so he was allowed to not answer any questions and not present any evidence, and actually have the case heard in my absence.  I’ve had 8 murder attempts in New Zealand and I left the country in March 2010, returned in September 2010, and during that time the New Zealand Judiciary had the case against me heard in my absence, with all my evidence suppressed, and no notification to me of the hearing.  And the District Court of Auckland, and the High Court of Auckland stopped notifying me by email 4 months either side of the hearing.  So I didn’t even know that it had happened. 
And when I came back to New Zealand for a month, they saw that I had been noticed enough around town to appear to have been present previously, when I was overseas, so they published the results of the hearing in the paper, which I then appealed, and when I appealed the hearing, Peter Williams had a retired police inspector called Winston West in a full motor cycle suit and a helmet jump on my parked car.  My Mercedes had already been blown up, so I was using a loan car – a Honda Civic, which is a very small car, and he ripped the rear vision mirror off the car, and he ripped the wiper blade and wiper blade arm of the car, and this was outside the Auckland High Court in broad daylight.

Jim Fetzer:  What in God’s name was he doing?

Greg Hallett:  Well, he was working for Peter Williams.

Jim Fetzer:  Was this supposed to be some form of intimidation?

Greg Hallett:  Yes, I just wanted the right to appeal the case I was not invited to.

Jim Fetzer:  So he was telegraphing a message that you’re running some risks, that you’re doing some things they would not want you to do.

Greg Hallett:  Yes. 

Jim Fetzer:  Was Peter Williams the PM at this point?

Greg Hallett:  No, he was a Queen’s Council lawyer, and he was the legal Queen of the Mr. Asia heroin trafficking syndicate, which was trafficking heroin rampantly from early 1970 to 1979 when a lot of them got caught, including his own junior lawyer, Karen Soich.  But Peter Williams had actually been trafficking heroin since at least the early 1960s, according to Army Intelligence, but I’ve got Intelligence that he was trading heroin from at least 1954, and that was coming from South America inside Philips fluorescent light tubes.  And they’d break up the light tubes in a house in Waihi.  Then it was about 5 hours drive from Auckland, now it is about one hour and a half.  And housewives were breaking them open, getting the powder out, and sending the cartons back to Philips as a measure to supposedly improve their packaging – but really it was a measure of how much heroin had come through.
So the Queen of Holland, I think it was Juliana at the time (1948–80) she was actually involved in heroin trafficking with her husband, Prince Bernhard, who was a very close friend of Prince Philip.  It’s interesting that Peter Williams admitted in the High Court of Auckland that he was Prince Philip’s agent in New Zealand.  So we’re dealing with Royal Heroin Trafficking (“RHT”). 

Jim Fetzer:  That’s fairly stunning, isn’t it.  I suppose not surprising all things considered, given the CIA is the biggest drug-running operation in the world today.

The British Royal Family is actually a fake – it’s a fraud.
It’s Flat Lie Royal. It’s been an illegitimate non-Royal Family
since at least 1901/1902, but really it’s been an
illegitimate Flat Lie Royal, non-Royal Family since 1852.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, and that’s sort of under the umbrella of the American Government.  You can’t touch it and they are above the law.  So the drug trafficking is done in mass by people who are above the law, which is the Intelligence Agencies, Queen’s Counsels, and the Royal Families. The British Royal Family is actually a fake – it’s a fraud.  It’s Flat Lie Royal.  It’s been an illegitimate non-Royal Family since at least 1901/1902, but really it’s been an illegitimate Flat Lie Royal, non-Royal Family since 1852.

Jim Fetzer:  And is this because of genetic interruptions that it is the wrong gene line, given that it is supposed to be a hereditary monarchy?

Greg Hallett:  No, it’s because of this:  Queen Victoria had a firstborn son before King Edward VII and that son, whose name is “Marcos Manoel”, he was born in wedlock legitimately, and he is the True King of England, and his descendants are the True King of England – the true Monarchs of England.

The Hidden King of England

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The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

Jim Fetzer:  So why did they finesse, why did they skip him for the sake of Edward?
[“Finesse”:’ adroit and artful management of a highly sensitive situation – a trick, artifice, or stratagem.]

Greg Hallett:  So they could run the British Empire as a Mafia.

Jim Fetzer:  Please elaborate on that.

Greg Hallett:  Yes. 

Jim Fetzer:  You know, if you’ve a got a legitimate heir, you’d think you’d allow him to ascend to The Crown.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, well, that’s what we are trying to do.  I have actually been adopted into the True Royal Family.  I was adopted in the Summer Solstice of 2010, and again on Leap Day 2012.  That is actually on video, in the form of a Knighthood, elevating me to Lord Chancellor of the True Prince of Wales, and it’s on TheWorldOfTruth.net.
So when you go to that website, TheWorldOfTruth.net, you can see the Knighthood and the sword we’re using is the sword of King Dom Ferdinand II who was the most popular King of Portugal.  And that sword was given to him by Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who was the premiere Duke of the Saxe-Coburg and Gothas.  His younger brother was Prince consort Albert, who married Queen Victoria.  So even Duke Ernst II knew that we are the True Royal Family.  I used ‘The Royal We’ because I am adopted – and it has it’s advantages.
From memory, the date was 10th of June 1869.  The sword was given to us, and then passed down through The Family, and it is one of about 32 Royal Marks – we’ve got more, but we’re presenting about 32, 33 Royal Marks.  It’s showing that The Family that I have been adopted into is the True Royal Family. 
So I am in England at the moment.  I have been here for about 4 months, and I am acting as Proxy, as stand-in for the True Monarch and the True Prince of Wales.  We’ve been working on this story now for about 2½ years.

Jim Fetzer:  I imagine it would make quite a sensation if revealed to the British Public.

Greg Hallett:  Well, that’s what we’re doing. We got one book here – that is a very early edition of it – ‘The Hidden Kind of England’.

Jim Fetzer:  “The Hidden Kind of England”, yes.  On the photograph of the cover . . .

Greg Hallett:  That is Marcos Manoel when he is 16, photographed in the Azores, and he’s actually surrounded in the Menorah position, where he is the center piece in between two triangles, one inverted and one upright (made up of Princesses).  He ended up living with his mother, Queen Victoria, on the Isle of Wight from the age of 16 ‘til 21 or 22.  And he was literally the Gardener, as in “Chauncey Gardiner”, as in “Boy Chance”, as in Peter Sellers in the movie “Being There”.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  Now, “Being There” is actually a direct parody of Marcos Manoel, and Peter Sellers had inside knowledge. And here is how it went:
Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter was Princess Beatrice.  And Princess Beatrice was Queen Victoria’s Secretary.  Princess Beatrice was in charge of editing Queen Victoria’s letters and diaries.  What they did is, remove any mention of Marcos Manoel, and any mention of his father George, who was Blind Prince George of Cumberland, who became Blind King George V of Hannover.  He was married to Queen Victoria on the 18th of September 1833, and Marcos Manoel was born on the 25th of April 1834.
Now Princess Beatrice was married to Prince George of Battenberg; his brother was Prince Louis of Battenberg, whose son was Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was the most prominent non-Royal.  He was assassinated in 1979, and that also relates to heroin trafficking.
So Princess Beatrice was editing Queen Victoria’s diaries.  She would tell her husband, who would tell his brother, who would tell his son Lord Louis Mountbatten.  Now Lord Louis Mountbatten’s father, Prince Louis Battenberg, had an illegitimate child with Lillie Langtry, who was a famous actress.  She was also a mistress to King Edward VII.  Now Lord Louis Mountbatten also had an illegitimate child with an actress, and that child’s name is Peter Sellers.

Jim Fetzer:  Really.

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  It’s 25 miles from Broadlands, where Lord Louis Mountbatten lived, which is a mansion and about 5,000 acres.  And he used to go down to Portsmouth and play the bongos in bands, and get small cameo acting parts, and he had a sexual relationship with Peg Marks.
Peg née Marks had a stillborn boy named ‘Peter’.  So Lord Louis conceived a child with her, and that child was called ‘Richard Sellers’, ‘Richard Henry Sellers’, but it was always called Peter, and that’s how you get Peter Sellers.  But short for ‘Richard’ is “Dickie”, and Lord Louis Mountbatten became known as “Dickie Mountbatten”.  Alright, so Lord Louis Mountbatten gets his nickname ‘Dickie’ from his son ‘Peter’, whose actual name was ‘Richard’.  Believe me,  that’s easier written down.

Jim Fetzer:  I assume Peter Sellers was aware of his lineage?

Greg Hallett:  Yeah, Lord Louis Mountbatten used to brief him, and when Princess Beatrice Battenberg briefed her husband’s brother, who briefed his son, which was Lord Louis Mountbatten.  So Lord Louis Mountbatten was the nephew of Princess Beatrice, and he would then brief his illegitimate son Peter Sellers.  
Peter Sellers, just before he was born, they moved to a very nice apartment overlooking a mile of green and then the sea, overlooking Portsmouth, all the shipping coming in, and over to the Isle of Wight, which is where Queen Victoria lived.  So he was always very intrigued by the Isle of Wight and Queen Victoria, and what went on there.
Now, ‘Being There’ was the second-to-last movie that Peter Sellers made, and it was the last movie of his that he got to see. Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated on the 27th of August 1979; exactly 12 weeks later ‘Being There’ screened; and almost exactly 7 months later Peter Sellers died of a heart attack.  21 years after the release of ‘Being There’ Princess Margaret died.  ‘21’ will become important later on.
Peter Sellers had an affair with Princess Margaret, and you can’t have an affair with a Royal, unless you’ve got strong Royal connections, or Royal Blood, or something close.  That’s how it was then.  It’s a bit less now with Commoner Kate and Prince William. 

Jim Fetzer:  She’s impressed me tremendously.

Greg Hallett:  Who?  Princess Margaret?

Jim Fetzer:  No.  Kate, Kate Middleton.

Greg Hallett:  Really?  Oh well.  So what Peter Sellers did in the movie ‘Being There’ was do a complete parody of Marcos Manoel living on the Isle of Wight.  So much so, and so clear is the parody: he watches a lot of TV in the movie, and all of the TV is pertinent.
He’s even got a basketball team standing there with their numbers on their T-Shirts, and the numbers are the birthday of Marcos Manoel, and the age in which he went to the Isle of Wight to stay with his mother Queen Victoria.  So what Peter Sellers left us with was a codification. He was a Freemason; so the rule amongst Freemasons is to hide things in plain sight. And what Peter Sellers did is reveal to us the true story as far as he knew it from Princess Beatrice’s letters – Queen Victoria’s letters, copied by Princess Beatrice, edited by Princess Beatrice, with the good stuff going to Lord Louis Mountbatten and to his son Peter Sellers.  
So that’s how we got a Public Mark available to everyone of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son’s existence.

Jim Fetzer:  In ‘Being There’.

Greg Hallett:  In the movie ‘Being There’, 1979.

Jim Fetzer:  Peter’s death was of natural causes, was it?

Greg Hallett:  
It was a massive heart attack.  He had heart attacks before, but he died.

Jim Fetzer:  
He was one of the most brilliant actors I ever saw.

Greg Hallett:  
I actually think he acted like a piece of cardboard – so we can disagree on that.

Jim Fetzer:  
That was part of his schtick, you know, he had his manners, it was so stunning and hilarious.

Greg Hallett:  
Yes, maybe for his time, but that’s okay, you know.  I think that a lot of actors who were related to the Royals – they are advanced, like Sarah Bernhardt, Lillie Langtry, Noel Coward and Peter Sellers.  Their careers are all advanced, and they end up with this enormous filmography because they had some relationship with the Royals, and Noel Coward had a relationship with the Royals because he had a homosexual affair with the Duke of Kent, King Edward VIII, and from memory I think it was also King George VI.

Jim Fetzer:  
Noel Coward had sexual relations with those two!

Greg Hallett:  
Yes, when the Duke of Kent died – he actually faked his death – but when he actually died, I think it was the 25th of August 1942, he was a cross-dresser and a morphine addict, and Noel Coward had a lot of letters from the Duke of Kent, who was King George VI’s brother, which were essentially love letters, so they had to be extracted (from Noel Coward’s pad in Belgravia, London).  And Noel Coward’s career was already heavily promoted, because he was having a sexual affair with a Royal, but his career was even further promoted.
Jim Fetzer:  So the Royals were making a difference even in Peter Sellers career?
Greg Hallett:  Oh absolutely, absolutely, he had basically carte blanche.  He even did skits with Princess Margaret for film and TV.

Jim Fetzer:  
With Princess Margaret herself, yes.

Greg Hallett:
Yes, yes, and Princess Margaret, she had a sexual liaison with two West Indian men at the same time, and that was photographed and it was kept in a Lloyds Bank vault, and that bank vault was raided. Let me see, I will find the exact date on that. And the photos were kept.

Jim Fetzer:  
So Princess Margaret had a certain enthusiasm for sex.

Greg Hallett:
 Yes, she did, and she liked sex with black men.  So it was on the 11th of September 1971 when a gang robbed the Lloyds Bank in London, and they actually produced photos of Princess Margaret having sex with two West Indian men, and then it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who was asked to come forward, and he brought the bank robbers new identities, new passports, and they were allowed to keep the money, and they were allowed to escape out of England without harassment.

Jim Fetzer:  On the condition they returned the photographs and film!?!

Greg Hallett:  On the condition they returned those photographs and film, yeah.  And there were more photographs of aristocracy that the Police had, which were also in those bank vaults, and the British aristocracy never even came to claim them, ’cause they were all trying to hide the stuff.

Jim Fetzer:  
Greg, we’ve got to take our first break, this is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, with my special guest from the UK, Greg Hallett, we will be right back . . . This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, with my special guest from the UK, Greg Hallett, we’re learning things you never ever thought you’d ever know about the Royals.  Greg.

Greg Hallett:
 So I’ve been working on this book for about 2 ½ years with the True Prince of Wales, helping them with their Family Tree and helping to uncover the meanings of the Royal Marks that’s been handed down to them.  And these Royal Marks include the Rings of Queens and the Swords of Kings, photographs of Marcos Manoel, The Hidden King of England, and his Family Tree dated back to Queen Victoria and Blind Prince George of Cumberland.  That was the status when they married.  Marcos Manoel was legitimate, he was born in wedlock, and then he was hidden.  
And there is a history every now and then of hiding Kings and they tend to be buried in what’s called a Siva Lingam, which is a sort of dome with straight sides, not square – round, grave; and I was given the sword of Duke Ernst II, the sword of King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal on Leap Day 2012, so on the 29th of February 2012, and I was told to sleep with the sword, and then hold it up to the castle in the morning.  I’m a late sleeper, so morning for me was midday.  So I got up there and

Jim Fetzer:  
You made it before noon.

Greg Hallett:
 Yes, I made it before noon (Just).  So I went out there (on the extremely large balcony).  It was a beautiful day, and I held the sword up to Pena Castle, which is the castle in Sintra in Portugal 20 kilometres northwest of Lisbon.  That’s where King Dom Fernando II lived.  So that was the 1st of March, and that same day I was elevated in a ceremony with that same sword to Lord Chancellor. And that’s on TheWorldOfTruth.net as well.  It’s a video about 10 minutes long.  
So that was the 1st of March, I held the sword up to Pena Castle, and on the 11th of March I went on a walk up to the castle, and I found the Siva Lingam.  I found the grave of The Hidden King Marcos Manoel.  And it had been missing for a 102 years.

Jim Fetzer:  

Greg Hallett:

Jim Fetzer:  
How did it happen; did you just stumble over it?

Greg Hallett:
 I am very good at getting lost and finding things.

Jim Fetzer:  
That’s really remarkable!

Greg Hallett:
 So I photographed it, and then presented it to the True Prince of Wales, and did some analysis on it, and then he brought a Royal Mark which was an etching completed and signed in December 1840 by King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal.  It was a brilliant etching, and it had been missing for about 2 years and they never analysed that Royal Mark.
So they got that Mark, and we analysed it, and there is a central figure in it, and I said:  That’s a Blind Man!  And Francisco, the True Prince of Wales, Francisco goes:  “Argh, how could we not see it!”
You know, so it was Blind Prince George of Cumberland, Blind King George V of Hannover. So then the whole genealogy of Marcos Manoel was actually in this etching, and the etching showed the Siva Lingam.  So then we compared the Siva Lingam with the etching, and it was a very good representation.  So we had a confirmation from King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal that this was the place where Marcos Manoel would be buried, this was the Siva Lingam.  And the Siva Lingam is a place where you bury Secret Kings and Hidden Kings.

Jim Fetzer:  
Perfect!  So the etching tied it all together, genealogically, historically and even physically.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes absolutely!  And it marks the place.  It marks the place and the time, because it was known by December 1840 and Marcos Manoel was actually murdered, he was murdered by his younger brother on the 1st of April 1910 – and his younger brother was King Edward VII.  King Edward VII was the King from 1901/1902 to 1910, and after he murdered his brother, he died exactly five weeks later.

Jim Fetzer
:  Of natural causes?

Greg Hallett
:  Yes, well he was incredibly fat.  King Edward VII was five foot tall and four foot around.  He had a four-foot waist – 1.22 meters.  So he is always portrayed as, you know, as this tall large figure, but he . . .

Jim Fetzer
:  He weighed 400 pounds?

Greg Hallett
:  He was a legal midget.  He was just on the border.  He was just this round roly-poly man who was incredibly vicious.  He was an incredibly distasteful man.  So he murdered his older brother, because Kind Edward VII didn’t particularly want to die with his older brother saying ‘I’ve been the King all along.’  So the fake King Edward VII murdered his older brother – the True and Hidden King Marcos Manoel.  King Edward VII was illegitimate, and Marcos Manoel was the only legitimate Royal of Queen Victoria’s.

Jim Fetzer
:  The only, the only!

Greg Hallett
:  The only!  The only one!  
Queen Victoria knew there were a lot of machinations going round, so she got in first, conceived a child and married and gave birth to a legitimate Prince, and that legitimised her as a Princess and a Queen.  Prince consort Albert was homosexual.  Then Queen Victoria married Prince consort Albert bigamously and he actually wore what the gays call a “Prince Albert” which is a chain around your waist and through the foreskin.  Your penis is always vertical, but you can’t conceive, right.  So Prince consort Albert didn’t conceive any of Queen Victoria’s children.  All of Queen Victoria’s children were conceived by Lionel Nathan Rothschild.

Jim Fetzer
:  Would that device you describe mean that you couldn’t have intercourse?

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!

Jim Fetzer
:  Yes!

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!  So Lionel Nathan Rothschild was known as ‘the king of kings’.  He financed virtually all of the Monarchies in Europe, and even some in Asia.  So he had ‘Breeding Rights’.  He had breeding rights with Queen Victoria and conceived all of Queen Victoria’s children, which made them all Bigamously-Born Illegitimate Bâtards.  That’s what bastards are called amongst Royalty, they are called Bâtards.  So that’s carried on ’til today – the Royal Family of today is all Bâtards, and the term for that is ‘Flat Lie Royal’.

Jim Fetzer
:  This is just astonishing, Greg.  I mean, the whole history is just utterly astonishing.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!  Now there was a move, this goes actually back to about 1773, I think it was, there was a letter written where Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who was the father of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, he said that the True Royal Family could come back on the Throne 200 years after his death.  So we’ve had a fake Royal Family from at least 25th of April 1852 to now, so that the Mafia could usurp the Royal Family, take over and utilize the Royal Family, knowing they’re Illegitimate Bâtards, Bigamously-Born.
So the Mafia essentially became the government under Lord Palmerston, who was Queen Victoria’s Prime Minister, and that is due to end on the 19th of September 2012.

Jim Fetzer:  
That’s not too far off. 

Greg Hallett
:  No, no it’s not!  It’s about 8 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 weeks (55 days from interview, so 7 weeks and 6 days – it’s all 6s and 7s).

Jim Fetzer:  
So what is going to happen?

Greg Hallett
:  Well, this was called “the Shin”; and ‘the Shin’ means “the Forbidden Secret”, and I have basically inherited the role to run ‘the Shin’, to run ‘the Forbidden Secret’; and that’s actually somewhat predicted by Peter Sellers that the person who uncovers this would come from New Zealand, which is the opposite side of the planet to where it’s happening. And Queen Victoria and her psychics also seemed to predict it. 
So what Prince Philip did with Peter Williams was to supply heroin into the areas that I was living in, and I was the target. It got to my brothers and sisters, but it didn’t get to me, and it was just rampant right through the North Shore where I lived.  And there is a theory that one of the psychics predicted that – because Queen Victoria was using psychics from the age of 19, so from 1937/38.
One of the predictions is that the person who uncovers the secret will come from the opposite side of the planet, and New Zealand is the opposite side of the planet to Portugal.  So ‘the person would come from the opposite side of the planet North’.
A lot of the heroin was targeted into the areas called North.  North Island, North Auckland, North Shore, and I lived on North Island of New Zealand, North of Auckland, and then on the North Shore in Northcote.  I went to Northcote Intermediate (school); I lived on Northgrove Ave. and then I moved to North Harbour – and they still didn’t get me. 
I’m Portuguese.  My great-grandfather and my great-grandmother are both Portuguese, so it was only natural that I would end up in Portugal.
And then Queen Victoria’s great-great-great-great-great-grandson, who is the legitimate heir to the Throne – when you see the Family Tree, he is the legitimate heir to the Throne – he lives in Portugal.  We contacted each other in about 2009 and he wasn’t sure who one of his five great-grandparents, or six great-grandparents were – you know, six or seven generations.
So I managed to fill him in and give him some background on that and then he sent me photographs, and I could see from the photographs who he was.  So I said, “I’ll see you in two weeks”.
So having had about eight (8) murder attempts in New Zealand, it wasn’t very hard to leave.  And, you know, the overall mission was for me to get to Portugal, and make sure, ascertain, that this person was the True Descendant of Queen Victoria, and so we spent nine (9) weeks together.  We sat next to each other for nine weeks, working on the computer, taking photographs and analysing objects; and he would bring in Royal Objects handed down from Queen Victoria or another Monarch, or another Duke, and so we went through I think about 26 Royal Marks.  We photographed them and we analysed them and we compared them to two Dictionaries of Symbolism to see that the Marks on them were the true Royal Marks going back into the Families that they claim to be from.  And so we succeeded in that.  It took about nine weeks to develop them into a, I think it was about a 220 pages book then.  And we had about 200 photographs in the book of his Royal Marks.
And then, when I went to London, I met you on the 6th of July 2010.

Jim Fetzer:  
Yes, yes, yes.

Greg Hallett
:  Now in between that I went to Roslyn Chapel and delivered the Holy Grail to Roslyn Chapel on four (4) occasions in May 2010 and I met an American psychic woman there.  They were accompanying me on the last trip to Roslyn Chapel and it turned out they were both heading to the same location in Wales, to a castle in Wales.  So I can drive on the left, she can’t, so were both heading to Wales, and the person in Wales we stayed with is quite likely the most likely person to be – well he is actually – he is the direct line descendant to the Prince of Wales from the 1400s, who was the last Welsh Prince of Wales.  
So that was kind of interesting.  So I know two Prince of Wales, one in Portugal who is Head of the Throne of England, Scotland, Ireland, and whatever, and the other one is the true Welsh Prince of Wales.

Jim Fetzer:  
And you’re quite convinced that the fellow in Portugal is the legitimate . . .

Greg Hallett
:  Oh, there is no question.  Well, I took a film crew down there to Portugal in March, and we gave the film guy probably seven day’s notice, maybe five or four, at the least, and I already know him.  So he comes down, and he films us at dinner, chatting away on a small camera, and it is very casual and we are talking at a good pace, as you’d have a conversation with friends.  And 5 o’clock the next day I was just so sick, I was actually sitting by the fire roaring like a lion, absolutely delirious.  I managed to get up to the hotel room, and I was just face-planted on the bed for three days, and The Hidden King of England, Francisco, he was the same, and you know, the film guy was fine. 

Jim Fetzer:  
Had you been poisoned?

Greg Hallett
:  Oh absolutely, there is no question, no question.  And then we got about let’s say 75% well, three-quarters well the day before the film guy left.

Jim Fetzer:  
So the film guy had done it?

Greg Hallett
:  The film guy got a lot of background footage.  He had us having a conversation at dinner, but when it came to the main interviews, we were talking - about - just - this - fast -and - not - really - thinking - too - well . . .

Jim Fetzer:  

Greg Hallett
:  So it was just too slow to edit.

Jim Fetzer:  
Had he set it up?  Do you think he was the one who drugged you?

Greg Hallett
:  Oh no, not at all.  He’s done really well.  He’s a great friend. 

Jim Fetzer:  

Greg Hallett
:  He’s a top friend.  We hang out a lot and have a lot of fun together,  

Jim Fetzer:  
Who had access to your food and drink then?

Greg Hallett
:  See, another thing is, we were sitting in a restaurant, and we had spies all over us, you know.  We would sit in an empty restaurant, and then a couple of spies would come and sit down and have a camera in a bag.  And he’d sit at the table just behind us with a bag, and the camera in the bag pointing at us, and then he’d go for a walk, and come back, and another two spies would come and chat to him and leave.  And then when we left, all the spies were running down the street and coming after us.
So we’d go outside, and the spies were all there, so we sent the film guy to walk down the street, and then we sent Queen Victoria’s descendant to drive after him.  And then they drove ahead, and then I walked past the spies walking back, trying to find me.  It was just like, it was really bad spy work.  But, you know, we were poisoned.  It actually took me about 4 months to get over it.  I was actually in hospital for a two days, and I think that that was the cause of it.  I was in hospital 3 months later actually, in early June in absolute agony.  I was just like screaming in pain, and I was just wondering if all of the poisons had somehow coagulated.

Jim Fetzer:  
How was being in the hospital a cause of it?

Greg Hallett
:  No, I had to go to the hospital because of the pain.

Jim Fetzer:  
Yes, as a consequence, right.  I mean, you weren’t maltreated in the hospital.

Greg Hallett
:  Oh no, I went to hospital because I was in agony, you know, I was screaming the hospital down.  I was in agony, they gave me a massive amount of morphine to shut me up.

Jim Fetzer:  
I hear doctors raving about morphine as greatest gift.

Greg Hallett
:  It was definitely god-sent then.  So you know, the question is then, why would they poison us if they didn’t think that Francisco was the legitimate monarch to the Throne of England?

Jim Fetzer:  
Could these be agents of the Crown?

Greg Hallett
:  Oh absolutely.  You know, the British Royal Family can virtually engage to their ends any Intelligence agency across the globe.

Jim Fetzer:  
I mean, they wouldn’t be too pleased with having the Throne contested.

Greg Hallett
:  Well, it’s interesting, because we did another video on the 2nd of August 2010 (on Queen Olga Maria’s 80th birthday) which is about 3 weeks after I had been interviewed with you in London.  And we delivered a letter to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street requesting him to facilitate the changeover of the Monarchy as we’re the legitimate Royal Family.  And I have ‘The Hidden King of England’ book, just 20 copies done, just as a tester, to see what the reaction was etc.  And I actually went on a couple of talks up in Scotland on it.
So we had pre-booked with 10 Downing Street.  They knew we were coming – we had sent them the letter.  We had sent it by registered post.  We gave them 20 working days, which was one month.  And then we went there, we’d phone beforehand: ‘Have you received the letter?’ – “Yes, very likely”, and then, ‘Have you received the letter?’ – “We don’t know”, and then you’d go there, ‘Have you received the letter?’ – and there is no record of the letter.

Jim Fetzer:  
Even though it was registered!

Greg Hallett
:  It was Registered Post, yeah.  So then I’d go and present the letter physically to 10 Downing Street, and they wouldn’t take the letter.  Normally they’d just take the letter, if you’d go there and present it, right!  They wouldn’t take the letter.  So we had to go around to the Army and Navy Stores and post it there, which is about another 15 minute walk.  Now that was the 2nd of August.  
So what they did is, they got hold of a copy of the book, this is 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, and they studied the contents of the book, using scholars etc., and they realised that this was a legitimate and superior claim to the Throne of England.

Jim Fetzer:  
Greg, this is just astonishing!
You just delivered the book, and I take it, you finally got the letter to them, and the scholars have studied and concluded that there is a superior claim to the Throne of England.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!  So what they decided to do was, pull a fast one.  They decided that Prince William would have to get engaged, and married, and that they would change the Laws of Succession to the Throne.

Jim Fetzer:  

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!  That’s what happened.

Jim Fetzer:  
In order to circumvent this challenge to the Throne – to the legitimacy of the present occupant, they would change the laws . . .

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!

Jim Fetzer:  On Succession.  How stunning!  You’d think that would never be changed!

Greg Hallett:  Well, I’ll just find it for you.  I’ll find the absolute details, just so that I get the dates absolutely correct.  We delivered the book on the 2nd of August 2010 – rather, we delivered the letter.  Then they got a hold of the book – there were about 20 copies floating around – all of them in Scotland (some in England, and a London newspaper reporter was present at my biggest talk).
And then, let’s say – it took them to the 1st of September to study it, and realise that it was a superior and genuine claim to the Throne.  All the photographs were genuine – all the objects were genuine – and all of the decodification of the objects we had done were true.  So they found that we had done actually a very scholarly job.
Jim Fetzer:  That’s astonishing.  That’s all just astonishing, Greg!
Greg Hallett:  Yes!  Well, you did say that I looked like a Royal when you first met me!  I’d only been a Royal then for about 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 3 weeks (22 May–6 July 2010, so two weeks).

Jim Fetzer:  I think your skills in research aided you tremendously here.

Greg Hallett:  Yeah thanks.  Thanks for that.  So on the 2nd of August this letter is delivered.  By the 1st of September 2010 they decided that it is a legitimate and superior claim.  
So Prince William is instructed to choose between his girlfriends – which one he’s going to have as a fiancée – and he’s got a month to do it.  So he does that in September – and then all of October there is betting at Ladbrooks on Prince William getting married – getting engaged before the end of the year.  And the betting was actually huge.  People were making a lot of money out of it.

Jim Fetzer:  Well, it was actually a sure thing.

Greg Hallett:  Yeah, and then his engagement was announced on the 16th of November 2010. And then they tried to change the laws, and instead of Prime Minister David Cameron contacting us – and we’re the superior and legitimate Royal Family – he goes to the Commonwealth Heads of State.
I’ll just find the exact details, so I can read it.
So David Cameron is further briefed by Queen Elizabeth, that the only Head of the Throne of the United Kingdom would be the children of Prince Charles or the current Prince of Wales. Now, we’re the True Prince of Wales, and we have at least half-a-dozen Marks to show that we are the True Prince of Wales – including acknowledgments from other Royal Families. 
Jim Fetzer:  So there is actually quite a bit of awareness amongst the Aristocracy of the World that this is the case!
Greg Hallett:  Yes, yes, it’s known.  It’s known and it’s kept secret.
Basically, if you reveal that Queen Victoria had a firstborn son, you’re no longer part of the aristocracy, you’re cold-shouldered.
Basically, the people that knew about it, like Prime Minister Lord Palmerston, who was Prime Minister three times for Queen Victoria, he kept secret about it.  
But Lord Palmerston’s stepdaughter, who turned out to be his biological daughter, is called Viscountess Lady Frances Jocelyn, and she was also the Governess of Queen Victoria’s children.  So you’ve got Lord Palmerston going, ‘no, Marcos Manoel can’t be King’.  And then you got his daughter, who was Britain’s leading female photographer, photographing Marcos Manoel and doing paintings of Marcos Manoel and doing codification to show that he was the real King, and not King Edward VII, right, and that’s all in the Family!
It’s just one family – Lord Palmerston – the Cowpers.
So from the time when we got the letter to 10 Downing Street on the 2nd of August 2010, and the time that they realised that is was real, which was beginning of September, and then in October when Prince Williams was getting engaged to commoner Kate – David Cameron, instead of contacting us to say: “Yes, yes, we accept your challenge to the Throne” . . . David Cameron was to secretly brief the Commonwealth Head of Government and get their approval that the only heir to the Throne of the United Kingdom would be the children of Prince Charles or the Prince of Wales.  And to disguise this as a religious and gender issue, which would then gain their approval.  Firstborn daughters are now allowed to become a Monarch, and Catholics are now allowed to become the Monarch.  But really, it was about ‘only Prince Charles’ children could become the Monarch’.

Jim Fetzer:  To finesse the challenge – which I gather was not even mentioned or briefed.

Greg Hallett:  No!  So what Prime Minister David Cameron has done is, he obfuscated to the Commonwealth Heads of Government, that there is a legitimate and superior claim to the Throne.

Jim Fetzer:  He’s not allowed them to know that, right?

Greg Hallett:  Correct.  He’s not allowed them to know that, so Prime Minister David Cameron has to resign.  He’s not acting on the best interests of the country, nor is he acting in the best interest of the Monarchy.

Jim Fetzer:  And this is a current issue, right now today, Greg!

Greg Hallett:  So he’s trying to install a Fake Monarchy in Perpetuity in Britain – which means that the Mafia, who knows the secret, can then twist the Royal Family to go to War wherever they want, sell arms and deal drugs, and go, well, we won’t get caught, because the Monarchy is fake.

Jim Fetzer:  It does leave them liable to Blackmail.  I don’t think there’s any doubt.

Greg Hallett:  So it’s very important that you have a True Monarch.  Part of the reason that we had so many wars from 1852 to now is because the British Monarchy that is fake, has been signing off those wars, to allow them to happen.  See, the British Monarchy has to sign papers to send his country into war.  So any Defense Department that wants to go to war, any group that wants to go to War, can do it, and get the approval, because the Royal Family is fake –Flat Lie Royal.

Jim Fetzer:  
This is really truly an astonishing story, Greg.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, it’s a big one!

Jim Fetzer:  Have any of the press picked up on this?

Greg Hallett:  No, I’ve actually spoken to the press about it, and they’ve gone . . . silent.  They’ve just gone absolutely silent.  But there is more: under Wikipedia ‘Alternative Successions of the British Crown’, quote:
“On 28th of October 2011, during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Perth, Australia, it was announced that David Cameron’s proposed changes to the Royal Succession Laws in the sixteen Commonwealth realms, had received unanimous support of the other realm’s Prime Ministers.  The alterations would replace male preference primogeniture, under which sons take precedence over daughters in the lines of succession with absolute primogeniture for the current Prince of Wales, end the ban of marriage of Dynasts to Catholics, and limit the requirement for those in line to the Throne to require permission of the Sovereign to marry.  However, the requirement of the Sovereign to be in communion with the Church of England would remain.  The Queen, Elizabeth II is said to support the proposed changes” – which she actually made sure they happen. 
The main point here is, “with absolute primogeniture for the current Prince of Wales”.
Jim Fetzer:  Yes, to preclude any challenge to the Crown from any other source on any other basis, regardless of the strength or legitimacy of the claim.

Greg Hallett:  They’ve actually shot themselves in the foot there, because Prince William’s father isn’t Prince Charles.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  It’s King Juan Carlos of Spain. 

Jim Fetzer:  Prince William’s father is actually . . .

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  King Juan Carlos of Spain actually runs New Zealand.  New Zealand is bankrupt, a country can’t be bankrupt, so it’s insolvent.

Jim Fetzer:  So he had a dalliance with Princess Elizabeth?

Greg Hallett:  He had a dalliance with Princess Diana.

Jim Fetzer:  Oh, with Diana, of course.  William, Diana, yes of course.  And that was while she was married to Prince Charles of course.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, absolutely.

Jim Fetzer:  And while Charles was still longing for Camilla

Greg Hallett:  Absolutely, yeah, and . . .

Jim Fetzer:  Diana was not too pleased by all of that

Greg Hallett:  No no no, she said “There’s three people in this marriage”.

Jim Fetzer:  That’s right.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, so Prince Harry is the son of James Hewitt (b. 1958–).

Jim Fetzer:  Yes, he looks so much like him.

Greg Hallett:  However . . .

Jim Fetzer:  No one has a doubt about that, do they?

Greg Hallett:  However Prince Charles does have two children, and they’re not Prince William and they’re not Prince Harry.

Jim Fetzer:  So they would technically under this new arrangement be eligible to become the Crown?

Greg Hallett:  Well, that’s why they’ve shot themselves in the foot because neither Prince William nor Prince Harry are Prince Charles’ children.  But Prince Charles has two children, but neither of them are legitimate, and neither of them are Princes or Princesses.  Ha!

Jim Fetzer:  It’s quite a mess, isn’t it?

Greg Hallett:  Yes, so Prince Charles was dating Camilla – they fancied each other from when they were quite young.  They were dating each other when they were 16 and 17.  Camilla is actually older.  So Camilla was 17, right . . .

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!

Greg Hallett:  And Prince Charles was 16, and on Camilla Parker Bowles’ 18th birthday, they conceived a child.

Jim Fetzer:  On her 18th birthday!

Greg Hallett:  On her 18th birthday, yeah!  And that child was adopted out by a royal servant.  There was a royal servant, his daughter raised the child, and that child looked like Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.  So when he was 7, he was drugged with the date rape drug Rohypnol.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!

Greg Hallett:  It was in grapefruit juice, which actually increases the intensity of the drug, but leaves less of a trace.

Jim Fetzer:  Did it kill him?

Greg Hallett:  No no no, his eyes were injected with pigment, changing them from blue to brown,

Jim Fetzer:  Ouch!

Greg Hallett:  And then later his ears were pinned back – and later his front teeth were ground off, you know, ground right down . . .

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!

Greg Hallett:  So he didn’t look like Prince Charles or Camilla.  And he grew up in Gosport (south England).

Jim Fetzer:  I mean, was he aware that these things were happening to him?  He must have known – his eye color had changed – his ears were different– his teeth were different?

Greg Hallett:  You see, his eye color was changed when he was 7; when he woke up he was just screaming, because it was like somebody was rubbing sand paper across his eyes.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!

Greg Hallett:  And he is now a Telecommunications Engineer in Australia.

Jim Fetzer:  Is he aware of his birth?

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  And just before William and Kate’s wedding, he put out an email, probably a couple of days before hand.  His name is Simon Charles Day – saying that he is the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. And he is married to a Torres Strait Islander – which is sort of half-Aborigine, half-Papua New Guinean – she is very black. She is a very black woman, and they had six kids, and five are still alive.  So what Princess Diana did was fly out to Australia and hold up all these Torres Strait Island children to the camera.

Jim Fetzer:  That he had had with this black woman.  This were Prince Charles’ grandchildren that she was holding?

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  So to Princess Diana – they were her stepchildren, you know, if they were the ones that she was holding.  So she goes to Australia and holds all these Torres Strait Islander aboriginal children, and the Queen goes:  “Well, you know, they could actually be my great-grandchildren”.  So there was another reason to kill her because she knew that.

Jim Fetzer:  Another reason to kill Diana!

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  Well, it was ruled an “unlawful killing”.  Her death was ruled an “unlawful killing”.

Jim Fetzer:  The automobile event in Paris.

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  An “unlawful killing”.  But I’m not aware of it until now, Greg.

Greg Hallett:  It’s there.

Jim Fetzer:  I thought that the official claim was that it had been an accident.

Greg Hallett:  No, there was another hearing in France: It was ruled an “unlawful killing”.

Jim Fetzer:  An “unlawful killing”.  That sounds an awful lot like murder.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, it does, you know, for Royal Murders it’s called an “unlawful killing”.

Jim Fetzer:  I mean, in terms of responsibility, does it go right back to the Crown then?  Does it go to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip?

Greg Hallett:  Well, yeah, a lot of people have pointed their fingers at Prince Philip.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  Yes, a lot.  Yes, yes, really!  
Now, Prince Charles had another illegitimate child, from memory conceived in 1967, born in 1968.  So, you know, what they’re saying with Prime Minister David Cameron dealing with this Commonwealth Heads of Governments on the 28th of October 2011 is they want to put either the Daughter or the child of a Maid with Prince Charles on the Throne; or Prince Charles and Camilla’s child on the Throne when neither of them were married.  So it’s another illegitimate child.  And it’s interesting that when the guy got married, when the son of Prince Charles, Charles Day got married, it was AUD$131.50 dollars for the wedding, and there is no support or contact or acknowledgment from either Prince Charles or Camilla. Basically they just cold-shouldered them.

Jim Fetzer:  What?  Of their son marrying this aboriginal woman?

Greg Hallett:  Yes, yes!

Jim Fetzer:  This is very brutal, isn’t it`?

Greg Hallett:  Yes, well, you know, they’ve got a lot to hide, they’re pretty lazy.  Prince Charles is pretty lazy, right.  He’s got a lot of charity events, people have said:  “You know, we’ve organized this charity event and you said you’d come, can you come, it’s at 5 o’clock at such and such a day’, and everyone is paying huge amounts for their tickets because, you know, supposedly the Prince of Wales is going to turn up.”  He doesn’t even bother to turn up.

Jim Fetzer:  I read there is a lot of sentiment for skipping Prince Charles and going directly for William.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, there is, but William is illegitimate, so what’s gonna happen is – see:  The True Queen of England at the moment is Olga Maria, and she’s 82 (on 2 August 2012).  I’ve spoken to her; she’s got a beautiful, beautiful speaking voice of about a 40 year old, 35 to 40-year-old, absolutely beautiful voice.  And, you know, she takes a really good photograph.
She absolutely looks Royal.  And her son is Francisco Manoel, who is the True Prince of Wales, and it is Francisco Manoel that I have been working with.

Jim Fetzer:  This is just all astonishing.  I can’t see how they get it straight, Greg?  They get to play on the popular belief, you know, apparent, they’re not gonna admit William or Harry is not legitimate.  Are they?  I just can’t see how they could do it!

Greg Hallett:  Well – the entire public knows that Harry is not legitimate, and that he’s not a Prince, you know, because he is a son by Lady Diana, who was a Princess by marriage to Prince Charles, who’s also a fake Prince.  So Prince Harry is not really a Prince.

Jim Fetzer:  But there’s no doubt that they are going to leave that as popular impression, isn’t it?  I mean . . .

Greg Hallett:  Well, you know, the media is absolutely dedicated to having a Royal Family that they can photograph – so what they do is continue with a Fake Royal Family and say wonderful things about them, and photograph them turning up.  But they know they’re a fake; they know they’re a fraud, and they’ve known that they’re frauds at least since 1910 when Kind Edward VII murdered his older brother Marcos Manoel.  And it’s only 5 months ago that I found the grave.

Jim Fetzer:  
Why was it that the firstborn son of Queen Victoria was excluded from succession?

Greg Hallett
:  Well, that’s an interesting point, and it goes like this:  Princess Victoria married Blind Prince George of Cumberland and had a child Marcos Manoel.  That legitimised Victoria as a Princess.  Then there was an arranged marriage with a homosexual.  And then Lionel Nathan Rothschild, who was known as ‘the king of kings’, conceived all of Queen Victoria’s official nine (9) children.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  And then they were all married off at a young age.

Jim Fetzer:  And what was his official role in relation to the Queen at that point in time?

Greg Hallett:  He owned the Bank of England.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes, but I mean, he was not . . . I mean, this was all out of wedlock.  These were all patards, as you were describing them.

Greg Hallett:  Bâtards! B for Bob, Bâtards!

Jim Fetzer:  Bâtards, yes.

Greg Hallett:  So with the Royal Family being illegitimate, they were married off at young ages, 18, 19 to 22, I think the oldest was 27, and they were married off all around Europe, which meant that when the Rothschilds had the knowledge that all of these families and their descendants were illegitimate, they had total control over them to send their nations into war and then the Rothschilds would supply money to both sides of the war, and make huge profits on their loans.   

Jim Fetzer:  So this is yet another reason why the Rothschild family becomes so powerful, because of the siring of all these illegitimate children by Queen Victoria.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, yes.  And they were the ones behind the delay in history – the 200 year delay in history from 1812 to 2012 – and particularly the 19th of September 2012 and thereafter.

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, we’ve gotta take a final break and then come back and talk about this delay in history, and I believe you have a book on Lord Mountbatten that you just completed, am I right?

The Final Mountbatten Report,
Christopher Robin Goes to War,
Most Secret


Greg Hallett:  Lord Louis Mountbatten, yes, it’s called “The Final Mountbatten Report, Christopher Robin Goes to War, Most Secret”.

Jim Fetzer:  Your knowledge of genealogy is just phenomenal, Greg.  Do you have a photographic memory?

Greg Hallett:  Hmmmh

Jim Fetzer:  You just have a really good memory.

Greg Hallett:  No, I live it.  I am actually doing this.  I am actually in the Royal Family and I’m doing this, this is my job, you know.

Jim Fetzer:  Absolutely incredible!

Greg Hallett:  Thanks

Jim Fetzer:  This is Jim Fetzer on ‘The Real Deal’, concluding my conversation with Greg Hallett.  If you haven’t learned things you didn’t know before, I don’t know where you’ve been, because this is astonishing stuff – Greg!

Greg Hallett:  I’m just trying to think where we’re up to.

Jim Fetzer:  Well you explained how the House of Rothschild, the Head of the Bank of England, had had all these children – Bâtards.

Greg Hallett:  Yes!

Jim Fetzer: And I was observing that was one more reason why they (Rothschilds) had so much influence in the world, having all this intimate knowledge of the History of the Royal Family, and where the skeletons are buried – I mean, this is just astonishing stuff!
Then you have the new book too!
You mention that Diana was a ‘wrongful killing’.

Greg Hallett:  “Unlawful killing!”  It was ruled by a judge as “Unlawful Killing”!

Jim Fetzer: Which sounds an awful lot to me like murder, and you’re saying it’s the polite term for murder – if it’s done by a Royal Family.

Greg Hallett:  Yes!  So, by Princess Diana holding up the Torres Strait Islander Children, she was saying to Queen Elizabeth ‘These are your great-grandchildren’, and when we put pressure on the British Monarchy by delivering a letter, saying that we have a legitimate and superior claim to the Throne, Prince William was forced to engage and marry, and then Prime Minister David Cameron went round the Heads of Government, and said ‘We want to allow Catholics, we want to allow firstborn girls to be the Monarch, and the only Monarch can be the descendants of Prince Charles.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes, claiming that there is some sort of liberalisation, when actually it was a surreptitious act to refuted challenge to the Throne that would, in all actuality, probably succeed.

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  She did say that the descendants of the current Prince of Wales would be the Monarch – which is interesting, because the current Prince of Wales is Francisco Manoel.

Jim Fetzer:  That might be a legal entrée, might it not?  That sounds like it might be a powerful position to argue.
Greg Hallett:  What’s interesting is that I am his adopted son, and his firstborn son is still quite young.  He’s still a child.
So I’m here in England acting on behalf of the True Royal Family as the Proxy to the Monarch and the Proxy to the Prince of Wales.  And I’ve invited Francisco Manoel to England, and his family advised him that it is too dangerous to be here.

Jim Fetzer:  Sure, they might try to kill him.  I mean, the risk of assassination could be very high.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes, he’s got British spies all over him in Portugal.  But it was interesting that when we were writing together for nine weeks in 2010, from March to May 2010, we were based in a French-style chateau, and guards appeared on horseback, and no one recognised their uniform.

Jim Fetzer:  
Guards appeared on horseback to protect him and you?

Greg Hallett
:  It looks that way.

Jim Fetzer:  
That’s pretty damn interesting.

Greg Hallett
:  In a uniform that no one recognised, and there was a man with a dog, and the dog was a unique breed of Samoyed Husky (grey with a blue V on its face), and the Rothschilds love to breed, and breed hybrids and new species – like their latest conquest is the World’s biggest or tallest giraffe, which actually has three horns.  So we think that the Rothschilds were actually guarding us.

Jim Fetzer:  
Well, that’s quite stunning, isn’t it?

Greg Hallett
:  Yes, yes.

Jim Fetzer:  
What do you make of that?  What would be the interest of the Rothschilds in guarding you?

Greg Hallett
:  Well, Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the father of Queen Victoria’s children, but Lionel Nathan’s father, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, who took over the Bank of England after the Battle of Waterloo – he took it over between the 18th and the 22nd of June 1815 – he funded the Duke of Kent and Strathearn out of his bankruptcy and allowed the Duke of Kent and Strathearn to keep himself in the style to which he was accustomed – which was getting drunk a lot, spend a lot of money on whores and mistresses.
So Nathan Mayer Rothschild was actually the biological father of Queen Victoria.

Jim Fetzer:  
The biological father of Queen Victoria.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes, with the Duchess of Kent and Strathearn, known as Victoire Louise.  So that meant that Victoria as a Princess was not a legitimate Princess.  
So to legitimize Victoria, because they were very short on descendants on children – legitimate children eligible to the Throne – so much so that there was actually a breeding race for British Royals at the time.  
So Queen Victoria and Prince consort Albert won.  So Victoria became a legitimate Princess by marrying Blind Prince George of Cumberland and having a child with him, which is Marcos Manoel.
And then, for all of the rest of the children, Victoria was married to Prince consort Albert, who was a homosexual and wore the ‘Prince Albert’, which stopped him from having intercourse.
And Prince Albert was completely compromised.  He would hold Victoria’s hand while she was given Burundanga, which is the old herbal name for Scopolamine, which is an inhibition inhibitor.  And Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the father of all of Queen Victoria’s illegitimate children, which explains the haemophilia in the Royal Family down to a ‘T’.  They could never work out how the haemophilia was introduced into the British Royal Family, and that’s how it was introduced.  

Jim Fetzer:  
By the Rothschilds . . .

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!  Now, Marcos Manoel doesn’t have it.

Jim Fetzer:  
Have members of the Royal Family then died because of it?

Greg Hallett
:  Well, they’ve faked their deaths in the name of it; they’ve been sick with it.  I’m not sure if they’ve died of it. Now this whole operation . . .

Jim Fetzer:  
Does Charles have haemophilia?

Greg Hallett
:  I don’t know, I don’t think so.  Because King George V was supposedly the son of King Edward VII and Princess Alexandra, but Princess Alexandra had an affair with the person who became Tsar Alexander III, and conceived King George V.  So that introduced new blood.

Jim Fetzer:

Greg Hallett
:  So this whole operation has been going since the European Wars, which started in about 1794 and ended in around about 1815, 1820.  And it looks like “the Shin” – the secret of ‘the Shin’ was taken from Portugal, and the European Wars were at least partially centered in Portugal.  General William Carr Beresford was there, and he was friends with the Duke of Saldanha, and both of them were great friends with the Duke of Wellington.  They were friends and they would go to war together – they’re Generals.
So the breeding plan for the legitimate male Monarch of England, of the United Kingdom, was a secret actually before Princess Victoria was even born, and when she was born a girl, it was delayed a generation – namely 14 years.  
So Princess Victoria gave birth to Marcos Manoel when she was 14, and at that time the legal age to marry and conceive was 12.  So it looks like my Portuguese ancestors had cargo ships, and they were the ones who took the secrets to the place the farthest away on the planet, and that was New Zealand.  
So they settled in the very bottom of New Zealand.  You’ve got the North Island, you’ve got the South Island, and you’ve got Stewart Island – and of that is a very, very small island which had no name.  So they settled there, and they named it Brava Island, and on the sailing journey from Lisbon in Portugal, the last Portuguese landmark that you see is Brava Island. So they named the little island at the bottom of New Zealand Brava Island.  And they had 22 children, and 21 survived.  And the number for ‘the Shin’ – the number for ‘the Forbidden Secret’ is 21.
So the idea was that one of their descendants, who turned out to be me, would be the one who would uncover the secret, and put the True Royal Family back on the Throne.  

Jim Fetzer:  
Isn’t that amazing?

Greg Hallett
:  Yes!

Jim Fetzer:
David Cameron hasn’t been very skillful in negotiating these exchanges to the line of succession, but it does appear that there are certain legal vulnerabilities here – some of which you indicated in passing.

Greg Hallett
:  Well, he hasn’t given full disclosure to the Commonwealth Heads of Government.  He’s obfuscated that we have a legitimate claim to the Throne, and Francisco Manoel has been writing memorandums to the Queen Elizabeth II, or as he calls her Elizabeth II – she’s not the Queen.  He’s been writing to her since at least 2000, if not 1997.

Jim Fetzer:  
Has he really?

Greg Hallett
: And those are actually listed – there’s a big list of Memorandums in the book.  There are two pages just listing the titles of the Memorandums.  One to Queen Elizabeth was on the 1st of December 2003, 1st of March 2009; David Cameron 25th of November 2009, David Cameron 6th of October 2009, 14th of October 2009; Queen Elizabeth – the first one was on the 6th of March 1997.  So since 1997 Queen Elizabeth has been aware that Francisco Manoel has a legitimate claim to the Throne as the Prince of Wales, and his mother Olga Maria, which is actually a very true Royal name – the Russians will recognize that if someone is called Olga Maria, especially without a surname – that’s the name of a True Royal.
Yes, so Queen Elizabeth has been aware of it since 1997; and there’s been a huge amount of pressure on me since Winter Solstice 1999 – so for me in the Southern Hemisphere, that was the 22nd of June 1999 – huge amount of pressure on me, trying to remove all my assets, destroy my career, throw me in the Courts all the time on trumped-up charges on just nothing, and absolutely no justice – and 12 murder attempts in New Zealand.

Jim Fetzer:  
All because you’re more or less the point-man for the legitimate successor to the Crown.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes! Yes, and I actually had paperwork to show that I’m Lord Chancellor to the True King of England using the seal of the Roman Emperor – and the High Court in Auckland refused to see it.  I was even holding it up in Court.  The judge just wouldn’t look, he’s looking away.

Jim Fetzer:  
Really!  Really!

Greg Hallett
:  I was even holding the book up! (‘The Hidden King of England – The Holy Grail’.)

Jim Fetzer:  
This is astounding!  That’s just astounding!

Greg Hallett
:  This is in February 2011.  I was even holding the book up ‘The Hidden King of England’ and said, look, I am the co-author with His Royal Highness Francisco Manoel. And he doesn’t want to look and he looks and wouldn’t accept it as a Court document – because the Queen apparently owns all the Court buildings, and all the judges, judge according to the right given to them by the Queen.  And the Queen is fake – which is why our Courts are now just supporting the Mafia.  They don’t support honest people – they can’t settle a debt.  All they do is support the Mafia, because the Mafia has control of the Monarchy because the Monarchy is fake.

Jim Fetzer:  
This is a ghastly situation!

Greg Hallett
:  Well, if you think about it, it’s the last 160 years of history – Britain going to war, conquering countries and doing all these dastardly deeds – in the name of Britannia.

Jim Fetzer:  
Now the United States has become the greatest aggressor nation in the world, Greg!

Greg Hallett
:  Yeah, but the United States is just a British Plantation.

Jim Fetzer:

Greg Hallett
:  It is.  Legally it is a British Plantation and it’s run from the Temple Bar in the center of London – the square mile of London.  And the huge dragon, about a four meter high black dragon with it’s wings spread, and that is the Temple Bar Marker.  It’s actually called ‘the Temple Bar Marker’.

Jim Fetzer:  
I’ve seen the dragon.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes, so that’s interesting!  So now I’ve got this book here ‘The Final Mountbatten Report – Christopher Robin Goes to War’, and ‘The Hidden King’ is coming out shortly.  So at the moment I’m selling ‘The Final Mountbatten Report’, which is about Lord Louis Mountbatten, and I’ve got the background on Mountbatten.
Part of it is, he was the nephew of Princess Beatrice Battenberg, who gave him the Royal Secrets. So what Lord Louis Mountbatten did is he got his nephew, Prince Philip, who was then Prince Philipos of Greece and Denmark, and introduced him to Princess Elizabeth on the 22nd of July 1939.  
Now Lord Louis Mountbatten came to own Broadlands, which is a huge mansion on 5,000 acres, 25 miles north of Portsmouth.  He came to own that 19 days before on the 3rd of July 1939.  Broadlands used to be owned by Viscountess Frances Jocelyn’s parents, and then it passed to her brother, and then to her nephew, and it went down to Lady Edwina Mountbatten and Lord Louis Mountbatten, and that’s the male Lord Louis Mountbatten came to own it.
Now, Viscountess Francis Jocelyn was the Governess of all of Queen Victoria’s children including Marcos Manoel, up onto the age of 5½ months, and we think that it was Viscountess Frances Jocelyn who delivered the chest full of Royal Marks to Marcos Manoel in Lisbon in Portugal.  And these were Royal Marks from Queen Victoria – some of which she made herself – which codified that Marcos Manoel was the True King of England.  

So Viscountess Francis Jocelyn was England’s best known female photographer, and one of the first female photographers, and she took all the photos of Marcos Manoel that we’ve got, and we’ve also got some childhood photos of King Edward VII, his younger brother, who’s standing there with a broken rod.
So she left this painting in Broadlands.  Lord Louis Mountbatten came into ownership of Broadlands on the 3rd of July 1939.  He’d already heard about it, but he didn’t have concrete proof.  He’d already heard about Marcos Manoel, but he didn’t have concrete proof, and this painting gave him concrete proof.
So he used that information, and he got this nephew, Prince Philipos from Greece and Denmark, to meet Princess Elizabeth and then they became secretly engaged 1946–47, and then they became officially engaged in 1947 – and Prince Philip revealed the Family Secret that they were illegitimate to Princess Elizabeth’s father, King George VI.
King George VI was not very bright, and he was compromised, so he approved the engagement with Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth.
Then they married, and they married under the condition that Prince Philip get the Royal Marks back of us – get all Royal Marks and obliterate any history of Marcos Manoel.
So Prince Philip became the head of the Navy, and he used his Navy Intelligence connections to turn a Portuguese Intelligence agent in Portugal, who was a member of the True Royal Family in Portugal.  His name was José Carlos – and in 1968 he stole ‘Queen Victoria’s Blue Copy Book’ – which was Queen Victoria’s birth records of Marcos Manoel, including things like his birth weight, time, day and place he was born – the usual birth records – and also her time with Marcos Manoel in the first 5½ months of his life.
And then he also got the baby clothes with the Royal Insignia on it; and he got the Royal Baby Rattle – that was out of an apartment in Lisbon – and he took those to Prince Philip.  That was the first and only information, the only bit of the Royal Marks that Prince Philip got.
Prince Philip showed these to Lord Louis Mountbatten.  Lord Louis Mountbatten showed them to Peter Sellers, his son, and Peter Sellers made ‘Being There’, which is Peter Sellers’ summary of all the scuttlebutt that he knew of Marcos Manoel from his father Lord Louis Mountbatten, and from his great aunt Princess Beatrice Battenberg – who was Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter and Secretary in charge of rewriting all of Queen Victoria’s Diaries and Letters.  

Jim Fetzer:  
To exclude the firstborn . . .

Greg Hallett
:  To exclude Marcos Manoel – to exclude Blind Prince George of Cumberland, and he became Blind King George V of Hannover.  
Now, historians do mention “George” in Victoria’s Diaries, and they never knew what it meant, and they’ve never been able to work out what the constant love for George was, and George was Blind Prince George of Cumberland, Blind Prince George of Hannover. That was her first husband, and they were married their entire lives – they never divorced.
And when Queen Victoria – she grew up playing with the Hannover Crown Jewels, and she married the man who became King George V of Hannover when she was 14 – and she didn’t give up the Hannover Crown jewels for 30 years.  She retained them for 30 years.  And she used to wear the Hannover Crown in her time off to celebrate her marriage to George.
Jim Fetzer:  Greg, I’m gonna have to have you back.  Time passes too quickly.  This is just astounding stuff.
Greg Hallett:  Yes.  Well you can get me – tell you what, I’ve now got my first bank account in two years.  I actually have not been allowed to have a bank account.

Jim Fetzer:  
Mind you, we’re still winding down.  Is there anything you would like to add as a final observation.

Greg Hallett
:  Yes.  You can find my elevation to Lord Chancellor on theworldoftruth.net.

Jim Fetzer:

Greg Hallett:  You can order ‘The Final Mountbatten Report’ – I know we haven’t spoken about it much – but you can order ‘The Final Mountbatten Report’ which is 376 pages, hardback, it’s got a beautiful cover, so it’s got a gold ribbon in it, it’s got maps in it, it’s a really good book, it’s a very good read, it’s the forerunner to Operation James Bond – it’s going to be officially announced by the Royal Family on the 27th of September 2012 . . .

Jim Fetzer:
But they won’t be announcing the other book . . . Is that going to be available to the public?

Greg Hallett:  Oh yeah, absolutely, yes, yes.  So you can place book orders at theworldoftruth.net (one word) and you can contact me at lordchancelloruk@gmail.com.

Jim Fetzer:  lordchancelloruk@gmail.com.

Greg Hallett:  And if you have a Paypal account, you can actually pay into that account and make pre-orders, or order the books.

Jim Fetzer:  Thank you.  That was fantastic.  I can’t thank you enough for being here my friend, and I’m looking forward to having you back.  I mean this is just an education all by itself.  I’ve got to tell you – the last 160 years of History especially revolving around the Crown and the Royal Family.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, it’s been interesting. 

Jim Fetzer:  Jim Fetzer your hosts on ‘The Real Deal’ thanking my special guest the “Lord Chancellor in-waiting” as it were – amazing stuff – Greg Hallett and all of you for listening!
Greg, are they going to try to stop the book? 

Greg Hallett:  Which one?  

Jim Fetzer:  About the King.”

Greg Hallett:  Argh, they’ve already tried.  I’ve had four sabotaged print runs.  I’m exiled out of my own country.

Jim Fetzer:  They’ve tried to sabotage the print run?

Greg Hallett:  I’m Stateless, Stateless, Stateless.  I can’t go back to New Zealand – I’d just get killed there.  They’ve got 30 fake charges held at the Police Station – (set up by an) Internal Affairs Agent (who is New Zealand’s Anders Breivik | Andrew Berwick).

Jim Fetzer:  Can you get the book out?  It’s a sensation.

Greg Hallett:  I can get the book out, yes! I left New Zealand with nothing.  Nothing.  They take everything.  So I’m just surviving.  I’ll manage to get them printed.  That’s about it.

Jim Fetzer:  This is sensational.  Does it matter to you if this is played next Friday (2/3 August 2012) rather than tomorrow.

Greg Hallett:  Na, that’ fine.  Well the Olympics start tomorrow.  So it’d be quite good to have it starting on the Olympics.  Can we play it tomorrow.

Jim Fetzer:  Let me see what I can do.  Argh, yeah, I think we can.  We can do it tomorrow yeah . . . I’ll do it Greg.

Greg Hallett:  Oh, your friend Jim Viken has spoken to H.R.H. Francisco Manoel for about 20 minutes of Skype.

Jim Fetzer:  Has he, really.

Greg Hallett:  So you should talk to him about it  . . . 

Jim Fetzer:  Fantastic, man.  I’ve never understood your story so well as when you gave it today.

Greg Hallett:  Yeah?

Jim Fetzer:  Yeah!

Greg Hallett:  Yeah, it’s fun breaking things down, you know, but really there is a whole lot of topics we didn’t cover.  We will do another interview.

Jim Fetzer:  Yeah!  We’ll do another one.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, it’s just time to come out, because the 19th of September (2012) is creeping up.

Jim Fetzer:  Yeah!  That was the date for the challenge?

Greg Hallett:  It’s the date when the 200 years delay in history ends.  Do you know anybody at the Washington Post?

Jim Fetzer:  Hmm, I don’t actually.  You think they’d like the story?

Greg Hallett:  Yes, because Peter Seller’s ‘Being There’ movie codifies that the Washington Post is the place to release the story . . .
Oh Jim Viken is on the line.

Jim Fetzer:  That’s a hell of a coincidence.  

Greg Hallett:  Have you got conference call.  
Jim, I’ve just had an interview with Jim Fetzer . . . If you call him he can put us on conference together . . .  

Jim Fetzer:  Greg.  Are we all here?

Greg:  Yes.

Jim Viken:  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  Wow, Jim, you wouldn’t believe it!  This interview that Greg just gave is astonishing, absolutely fucking astonishing.

Jim Viken:  Every time I talk to him he blows my mind.

Jim Fetzer:  I cannot believe it  . . .

Jim Viken:  Most of the information is so far out it is incredulous to most people.

Jim Fetzer:  Well, I am telling you, he explained it so beautifully today.  I understand it better than I ever have before.  I am telling you . . .

Jim Viken:  I will say that everything that he told me that I checked out has turned out to be right.

Greg Hallett:  Can you guys get on video.  Can I see you . . .