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“ Finding Jesus’ Graves … challenges the Flat Lie Royals “


Jesus of the Algarve

Mark Windows interviews Gregory Hallett

Greg Hallett: Marcos Manoel — he was the Legitimate Royal.

Mark Windows: Well, it does make sense because, as we know, we are told a version of history, and when we look at history properly, none of it makes sense, all we have to look at is 'who benefits'. Hidden King of England — Where can we get the book?

Greg Hallett: THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND — You can get it from www.thehiddenkingofengland.com,

They are hardcover, yellow ribbon, really high quality print, 700 color photos with no bleed through. So we really had to go through basically the same print as to print money — so they're not cheap.


Mark Windows: Greg Hallett, welcome to Windows on the World.

Greg Hallett: Thank you Mark.

Mark Windows: As part of THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND series, we’re going to talk about something central to the assumption of Kingship, which is very much what these books, this anthology, is all about. So can you expand on this and this idea of two Jesuses?

Greg Hallett: Yeah sure. Well here is THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND series, boxed set, five volumes, and possibly a sixth. And here is the fifth book here.

Now what Royalty assumes in its license to be Royal is, that it is descended from Jesus. The Catholic Church proposes that there is one Jesus who died on the cross. However, the Catholic Church acknowledges that its best kept secret is, that there were two Jesuses.

Mark Windows: Ok. So how did you find this out?

Royalty assumes in its
license to be Royal,
that it is descended from Jesus.

And the Catholic Church proposes
that there is one Jesus
who died on the cross.

However, the Catholic Church
acknowledges that
its best kept secret is,
that there were two Jesuses.

Greg Hallett: Basically by tapping into the High Orders.

Mark Windows: Ok, so expand on that a bit, Greg.

Greg Hallett: Portugal is known as the Second Jerusalem, and is known as the Second Jerusalem by Rabbis etc.

There were two Jesuses, one went to England, and there is a lot of mythology about Jesus in England. The other Jesus, whether it can be considered as the first Jesus, or the second Jesus, went to the Algarve, which is the lower state Kingdom of Portugal. It used to be known as the Kingdom of Portugal and the Kingdom of The Algarve.

The Algarve is a very likely place to go because it is west of the Rock of Gibraltar, and it is just outside the Mediterranean and where Jesus lived and died in the Algarve, he was 22 km west of the border between Portugal and Spain, and about the same distance — 80 km away from the Roman outpost, so he was just outside the Roman Empire.

One Jesus went to England,
and one Jesus went to the Algarve.

Mark Windows: Yes. And Portugal is extremely important, so can you just expand on that as well.

Greg Hallett: Oh, Portugal is a Templar Nation! It was created as a Templar Nation. But perhaps, in confirming the two Jesuses, maybe we should go back to Queen Victoria’s research. In her day, she spend one million pounds researching her lineage back to Jesus, and what they found out was that there were two Jesuses, and they were third cousins. They were actually 2nd cousins, meaning they had the same great grandparents — at least two of ‘em, but they were one generation removed, and that’s called third cousin.

Portugal was a
Templar Nation.

And it appears to be that the two Jesuses worked together, and they worked together with the Maries. And it appears that the Jesuses and the Maries also married, or had companionship and had children together, and had a lineage. And they must have had a lineage, because that's considered the Royal Families of England and Europe to this day. That’s their claim.

So what I did, is find out where the Jesuses lived, what they did, how they died, where they were buried, where their bodies were moved to, and who sighted them, and when.

Mark Windows: It’s a very expansive book you’ve got here, this is book five, and it’s very complex. So …

Greg Hallett: I haven’t wasted any words, because we knew what we were talking about. And rather than quote people, I actually went to the sites and lived there, and experienced the environment. So I could go to the site and I also could see the approach, and I could see the view, and I could pick up the local knowledge. Like Jesus in the Algarve, he had a Pilgrim’s Way walking from his place to the next major town — it was called ‘Pilgrim’s Way’.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s absolutely fascinating. Now you spent several years in Portugal researching this. So, this Merovingian Bloodline you’re saying, which is what they’re claiming ownership of, which goes back to David, is what you were looking into.

Greg Hallett: Yes. Basically I took it from Jesus’ life and purported death and his escape to where he lived, and then how that influenced the writing in the bible. Jesus was known as a carpenter, but he was actually an Architect-Priest. He built in stone, and he built in stone such that if there would be an earthquake, there would be enough knowledge left behind in the foundations to reveal that he lived there, and the distance to where he would then be reburied. So he predicted his next burial site as well in the dimensions of the buildings.

Mark Windows: Yes!

Greg Hallett: That was done by — in his original temple that he built, it was a water temple, and water temples were very rare, and Jesus of the Algarve was a Master Architect, absolutely brilliant!

He built three layers of water coming in, with his temple in the back in a Vesic-Pisces shape, When you get the size of his Temple, and the size of the Vesica-Pisces — and the number for Vesica Pisces is 1224, and you multiply that by 40 — you get the distance to his next burial site, like within a few metres.

Jesus of the Algarve
was a Master Architect,
absolutely brilliant!

It was like absolutely fantastic! And it was due to earthquakes that his body was moved. And where his body was moved to — which was in Silves — I went to the Silves Easter Friday Celebration. And the entire way that they celebrate Easter-Friday is almost a re-enactment of how Jesus was buried in the Algarve further east from 887 to the spring of 1150.

Mark Windows: Ok Greg, so expand on that a bit.

They used codification
in foundations and in dates.

Greg Hallett: So what I’m saying is that dimensions were dates. It was the same with Jesus of England — dimensions were dates, and dates were dimensions. In England, where the markers that marked where Jesus was buried, if something was moved 12.5 miles away, it was moved back 125 years later. So the distance is codification for the years. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Mark Windows: Not quite.

Greg Hallett: They used codification in foundations and in dates.

Mark Windows: Yeah, you’re talking about the Sacred Geometric Aspect of it.

Once you had
the code
there was
no denying it!

Greg Hallett: That was done so once you had cracked the code there was no denying it. It was so obvious and it was done in such a way that you could not remove the evidence — because the evidence was in distance and in time — if you wanted to remove the distance, you would have to remove one or two objects, and if you wanted to remove the time, you’d have to fake the record.

So what they did was — just record dates and make no connections between them, and the distances were unaltered. So that was codification for a solid record. Jesus’ missing years from the age of 12 to 30 and his time studying in Egypt the Egyptian Mysteries, that’s codified by Jesus of the Algarve and Jesus of England. They both codify that undeniably — even the names.

Crossing the '25th of April' Bridge to Jesus of the Algarve

Mark Windows: Ok, so …

Greg Hallett: The details is like — I make one point and it is like half a page of text, and drawings. Jesus of the Algarve modeled his entrance to his Villa and Temple on Luxor — which he would have sailed past on his way to the first cataract of the Nile Eslan and the Philae Temple where he studied. It is from there that they have the first cataract, which is a floodgate, and from floodgate you get fleet gate, Fleet Street and Ludgate. Floodgate Ludgate. Ludgate Circus.

Mark Windows: Ok. You are saying, it is directly related to the City of London.

Greg Hallett: As well, because that is where Jesus lived, died and is buried — in London.

There is a Jesus who lived in the Algarve. The Jesus in the Algarve may have also married a French princess — like the daughter of a King. He may have been the King of France, although I have not been able to find any solid evidence on that, but there is a huge amount of allusion to it, and that allusion actually comes through the battle for the Prime Meridian between Paris and London, and London won in 1884.

Jesus of England lived,
died and is buried — in London.

Mark Windows: So how does the story of Charlemagne fit in, do you have any idea about that?

Greg Hallett: A little bit, but that’s Volume III, so it’s a different thing — it’s a different aspect.

Another way they codified things was through sister cities, that would give you a clue.

Also studying the ancient maps of geography of England was completely different.  Like the whole south-east coast of England, south of Medway, was an island. At least an island, and then it was a tidal island, and then it silted up.

They dammed up the midway in 1950, and even 9 years after that it was still flooding over the dam, and up to a place called Godstone. Godstone was where the High Tide Mark was. The whole of the south-east coast of England was called ‘Regni’, which was a place for Exilarchs. So the Romans would get the Exiled Kings and Queens and ship them to the south-east coast of England to Regni.

When Jesus of England arrived in Regni, he was made King of Regni because his reputation preceded him. I.e. he was killed on the cross — didn’t happen.

Mark Windows: Ok, so you’re saying that was a symbolic thing, and that was really brought in by the Catholic Church, is that what you’re saying?

Greg Hallett: There was a big switch in knowledge in 451 AD, when the Catholic Church broke away from the Coptic Church — and that formed two Holy Sees — the Holy See of Rome, and the Holy See of Alexandra. Not many people seem to know that there’s two Holy Sees.

The Holy See of Alexandra followed the work of St Mark, or St John Mark, and the Holy See of Rome followed the work of St Peter.

In the same year 451 AD, the Catholic Church sent the Saxon army into England, to destroy all evidence of Jesus in England.

Mark Windows: That would make sense, because later on we had Henry VIII who seemed to be destroying and taking away the power of the Catholic Church, but was also working with them, and they seemed to gain more power during his reign. That was obviously a lot later, but it kind of makes sense.

Henry VIII allowed the
Catholic Church to
underwrite all the
Land titles in England.

Greg Hallett: Henry VIII — in exchange for being allowed to divorce etc. — allowed the Catholic Church to underwrite all the Land titles in England.

Mark Windows: Well, all that I know is that the poor laws were massively extended during the time of Henry VIII, and also the Vatican appeared to take more control. I have actually talked about this with Historians, and they say that does makes sense, because even though Britain was meant to become Protestant, it actually really became Catholic, and this is, I think, the crux to a lot of what you are talking about.


Greg Hallett: A lot of the battles in England, including the plagues, and the Great Fire of London, and the Bishop’s Wars etc., they were actually a tax from the Templars who were based at New Temple, the temple in the center of London which is about 450 yards west of the walled City of London. And London was a commune, literally it was a commune, a walled commune.

It was also an island on a Lake, hence Avalon.

The Templars were actually supporting and attacking the Kingship, because the agreement was to put a New King on the throne etc., to change the religion to the True Religion of England as it was designated — which was not Anglican, and not Catholic.

The true religion was the Society of Ormus. The Society of Ormus was an amalgamation of the teachings of St John Mark, before the Catholic Church broke away in 451 AD.

That teaching — the Society of Ormus — was the teachings of Babylon, the Babylon Mysteries, and the Egyptian Mysteries. Iit has a lot of alchemy to it.

A very simple example of Alchemy is Camelot. This is the way that things are remembered. Camelot is well known as King Arthur’s kingdom. But ‘Camelot’ actually means ‘Curved Light’. Iif you get let’s say the Signet Ring, which is on the cover of the books, the Signet Ring here — that is the Signet Ring of the Holy Roman Empire Germanic.  When you hold it up into the light, you get different colors — that’s another color, straight off the light, straight of the Signet ring of the Holy Roman Empire Germanic. So is this — so is this — and so is this. And the same on the back cover.

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

The change in light from the same object is fascinating. That’s curved light, which is ‘Camelot’.

Mark Windows: Ok.

Greg Hallett: Which gives it a completely different appearance. So what happened was that the myths and legends that we’ve been taught, like Prince Arthur etc., King Arthur, were taught to us so that when the truth comes out, we will recognize the story without actually knowing the details.

So myths and legends were a way of preserving history.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s absolutely right. Also this idea of the Orm, Ormus, Orm, Gold or Serpent. It is originally a Scandinavian name. But you are saying, it goes back much further than that.

Greg Hallett: It goes right back to Babylon. What I am saying is, it is about O-R-M-U-S — The Society of Ormus. And that was what St Mark was into, and what Jesus was into, at the time in studying the Egyptian and Babylonian Mysteries in the Temple of Philae. Religion is not about words, it’s about Energy.

All we are given is words, but it is actually about energy.

Mark Windows: Yes.

Greg Hallett: All we have been given is words, but it actually is about energy. Unless there’s energy attached to it, it’s not spiritual, it’s just a Mantra, and repeated.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s very interesting, because my family name originally was Orms, and I was told by a fellow Orm that the Orm were allegedly crowning at one point the British Kings for Scotland, when Scotland and Britain were talking. It is a very interesting story, that. It’s a very interesting story, that. So this Orm goes back a very long way.

Greg Hallett: It does. And to prove that it has to do with energy, the ormic state of matter is known as the fifth state of matter. So that’s when you change it from its more standard state into a more subtle vibration.

Mark Windows: Yes, it’s about transformation, is what you are saying, yes.

Greg Hallett: Yes, and it’s also about a whole lot of other things. It’s about antigravity, it’s about how insects that are impossible to fly, have — say — a concave molecular structure which actually gives them an antigravity element, for instance. It is also about using copper and changing it to its ormic state, and then it having medicinal properties.

And it’s about shapes also having an ormic state that can give off energy — beneficial healing energy etc.

Mark Windows: Yes, so we are really talking about a universal force that is there, that is inherent, and how that has been used and captured within this word. So how does this tie in with THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND?

Greg Hallett: I will do an Intro.

It’s www.thehiddenkingofengland.com
and www.greghallett.com
and www.theworldoftruth.net

It’s five Volumes, it’s called ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND — Arma Christi — Unveiling the Rose’, it’s 1200 pages, 700 color photographs and Volume 5 has photographs of the Holy Grail.

The ‘Holy Grail’ is known as the ‘Solar Chalice of the Legislators Ahkenaton and Jesus’. So it continued the lineage from the Pharaoh Ahkenaton to Jesus, and from Ahkenaton we get Aton — Attention.

I’m blending Jesus of England and Jesus of the Algarve, and they worked together, right. So in terms of the energy, the high state of energy that they attained through their mysteries, is that the Jesus and the Maries were working together through the Metatron, and my view is that there were up to six Jesus and Maries working together, that is 2 Jesus and 4 Maries for example.

The reason I say that is, when you look at the Metatron — which is two pyramids stuck through each other, which is the most stable form known — there are six perfect crosses in the Metatron.

Mark Windows:Yes, we are going into the Sacred Geometry Area, so please expand on that, Greg.

Greg Hallett: The Sacred Geometry was absolutely prolific in Jesus of the Algarve’s temple, which is also based on Luxor temple. It was one of the first water temples, and it was a rectangle with a Vesica Pisces on the back, and it was surrounded in fish mosaics.

It was one of the few water temples. In fact, they are only just discovering the notion now that there could have been water temples, and what I’ve done is discover the water temple — which turned out to be Jesus’ home — found it to be covered in fish mosaics, and found it to be full of sacred geometry, and also found it to be the source of Freemasonry initiations.

Mark Windows: Well, it’s very interesting, this, because the hexagon and the actual design of the Metatron’s cube is extremely freemasonic — obviously. It also includes Israel, but Israel is included …

Greg Hallett: But hang on, you’re talking about a two dimensional version. I’m talking about a three dimensional moving version — the Metatron that is reported to appear in the sky.

Mark Windows: You mean the Angel Metatron?

Greg Hallett: Yes. I’m talking about energy, I’m not talking about graphics, and propaganda and political stuff.

The thing about Freemasonry is, they adapted a whole lot of symbols from religion and hermetic arts. And they confused them — unbelievably! They lost all of the knowledge up until about the 30th degree, even the 32nd degree. 32nd degree you’re told, basically, that everything you’ve learned is schmuck! And it is! Freemasonry — and I’m saying this to all the Freemasons, sorry, but Freemasonry is a clown factory!

Mark Windows: Yes, it’s a road to nowhere!

Greg Hallett: It is a clown factory! It is only if you have the key knowledge, that you can understand what you’ve been told, and the dichotomy of what you’ve been told, but only the people who have the energy experiences will recognize the symbolism that it represents. So you get the two-headed eagle or Janus or whatever — like that.

So here we are, this is my head and these are my eyes. But when I soul travel, and fly up 10 000 feet, and look down — it’s another set of eyes, and another head. So I’ve got the Microcosm view and I’ve got the Macrocosm view. And the Microcosm is represented by the number 5 — Macrocosm is represented by the number 6. It’s known as the 6 and the 5. That is what it is about!

What they did was, they tested people’s spiritual integrity through soul travel. They also changed copper and gold into the ormic state and gave it to people to level off the right and the left hemisphere of the brains, so that they could find out whether they were dealing with a spinner or a truly spiritual person. Then they would give them an initiate exercise to fly up to 10 000 feet, look down on the landscape and uncover the mysteries of the landscape. And the landscape can’t be changed.

So the word ‘Messiah’ in Egyptian means ‘The Holy Crocodile’. So Jesus of the Algarve did his 6 — 5, did his Macrocosm — Microcosm, soul travelled up, looked over the landscape of the Algarve and saw that there were two Holy Crocodiles. So he built his villa at the place where the two Holy Crocodiles were either drinking from the springs or watching over — hence ‘Messiah’. Not only that, Jesus of the Algarve’s address, his address, his physical geographical address was ‘Christ’, written in old Aramaic, with all the letters, phonetic letters, put on top of each other.

Mark Windows: Yeah so, in your words, initiation is really about an Out-Of-Body-Experience, and not all this convoluted nonsense that people spend years going through, which actually takes them nowhere. Is that what you’re saying?

Greg Hallett: Well, it’s that as well. And you know, right at the end, right at the 32nd initiation, it is a test to see if you’re a sociopath or not.

Mark Windows: Exactly!

Greg Hallett: No, it seriously is! There is a sociopath test at the end! If you’re a sociopath you advance, or if you’re not a sociopath you don’t advance. You can find that out yourself.

Mark Windows: Which is just a control system, and basically — what you’re saying is — the real knowledge is kept secret.

Greg Hallett: Well, at the high levels. The high level is supposedly the 33rd degree. But in finding Jesus of England’s grave, what I found was the other 13 levels or 13 steps. In Freemasonry, a degree of initiation is called a level or a step. Most people go — 33rd degree is the top of Freemasonry — it is not! 46 degrees is. I didn’t know that at the time, but what I discovered in England was the other 13 steps of Freemasonry — and it’s very very simple! Very simple, and again, it’s undeniable.

From the time Jesus died in England, let’s say it’s around 87 AD — from 87 AD to let’s say 2000 AD there was 2 m of soil lodged on London through cosmic dust, pollution, whatever. The soil is now 2 m higher — that is 13 steps.

Mark Windows: I have no idea whether it is 2 m higher or not.

Greg Hallett: It is, it’s known. So you get the old temples and that, and it is 2 m down. So that was the 13 steps. The 13 steps of the Illuminated Degrees was the 13 steps down to Jesus’ grave in London.

Mark Windows: Ok, so …

The 13 steps of the
Illuminated Degrees
was the
13 steps down to
Jesus’ grave in London.

Greg Hallett: 13 extra steps.

Mark Windows: In your opinion, where is the location of Jesus’ grave in London?

Greg Hallett: Buy the book, and it shows it. It shows it — it’s all there. Again, it’s codified in the buildings. The buildings and the statues codify where Jesus is — including Cleopatra’s Needle. See, Cleopatra’s Needle resonates with Jesus of the Algarve’s Mausoleum and Temple in the Algarve, and with Luxor — where they came from — and with the Luxor Needle in Paris.

Mark Windows: In London, it’s actually on the Thames on the Embankment, near Embankment Tube station.

Greg Hallett: That’s Cleopatra’s Needle? Yes.

Mark Windows: Correct, yes.

Greg Hallett: Yes, apparently they built that with 12 photographs of Britain’s most attractive women buried underneath it.

Mark Windows: I have no idea about that, Greg. Could you expand on it?

Greg Hallett: What I am introducing is, when you break the code, it is undeniable. The code is in times, it is in distances, it is in objects resonating, it is in Sacred Geometry like Vesica Pisces, and it is in the soil building up over 2000 years. So when you see it, it is undeniable. When you hear the story of the two Jesuses, you recognize it in the Myths and Legends that we have been given. One of the Myths and Legends that we’ve been given is King Arthur. It is an absolutely fascinating Legend. What it is — it’s Prince Arthur pulls a sword from a stone. Prince Arthur is pulling a sword from the Philosopher’s Stone. The concept is, that Prince Arthur polishes the Philosopher’s Stone so much, that gets gets the knowledge, and that he can pull a sword from it. So that is the sword. He pulled the sword from the Knowledge, so that the Knowledge can cut like a blade.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s right, so these stories are mainly, it seems, allegorical.

England’s history was
wiped out in 451 AD
with the Catholic Church
backing the Saxons
to basically destroy
all history of Jesus.

Greg Hallett: There are about three different Arthurs, and they are sort of 200 years apart, and they all did little bits of things, and then you take the authors, like Bead etc., they have all been discredited for writing, and for backdating their works 400 to 800 years.

What happened was, England’s history was wiped out in 451 AD with the Catholic Church backing the Saxons to basically destroy all history of Jesus. But there was another way that it was codified — Emperor Constantine, when he was a Civilian, he grew up in England, his mother was English, and then he went to Constantinople and became the Emperor there. He built the Aedicule there, which is supposed to be Jesus’ Aedicule. Emperor Constantine almost lived the life of Jesus in reverse. He went from England to Constantinople, and Jesus came from Jerusalem to England.

Mark Windows: There is a theory that Constantine ended up in North America. Are you familiar with that?

Greg Hallett: No, I don’t know anything about that.

Mark Windows: No.

Greg Hallett: In terms of Ralph Ellis’ work?

Mark Windows: You’re talking about Ralph Ellis, whom we had on the show.

Greg Hallett: So I give an introduction to the build-up to his theories.

Jesus of the Algarve and Jesus both studied the Egyptian and Babylonian Mysteries in Alexandra and south of Philae, first cataract of the Nile at Aswan. Jesus went to the Algarve — one of them — and leading up to his place was a 10 km long tunnel. Then he built a Roman villa, with lots of hot tepid cold bathhouses.

The Caesars wanted the occult knowledge of the Kings and of the Mystiques, and every place that they went to. And in negotiations for the Jesuses to save their lives was that they would initiate the Caesars in the occult knowledge that they had gained. So the Romans basically secretly escorted the Jesuses out of Nazareth and Jerusalem. So the Caesars would walk up this 10 km tunnel to Jesus’ place, and then from there they would rest up and wash — lots of bathing — and then they would go 700 Royal Yards, which is 800 Standard Yards. 8 over 7 equals Royal. So they would walk up 700 Royal Yards to the initiation place — which is actually the T in Christ, because there is a Column Cross there, that is the T in CHRIST in the geographical address that was CHRIST.

The exchange for initiating the Caesars into the mysteries was “Take my son as one of your own. Take my son and raise him as your own.” So Jesus got his grandson received by the Roman Emperor, and adopted by the Roman Emperor as their own, as his own, and raised to be a Caesar. Then Jesus’ great grandson was also adopted by Caesar as his own, and raised to be a Caesar. These became Emperor Trajan, and Emperor Hadrian. They were Jesus’ grandson and great grandson. From that you get the Hadrian’s Wall etc.

Mark Windows: Well that is very interesting because we were talking about this Emperor Vespasian, and could Jesus have been an offspring, or was there an invention of Jesus through Vespasian.

Greg Hallett: Yes, what the Caesars did — the Jesuses and the immediate lineage and the Caesars — they tried various forms of a distraction, because, you know, Jesus was a Prince from Royal Lineage going back to Egypt and Babylon, and so were the Maries.

So the Romans really wanted to protect that lineage, and they wanted to create all forms of distraction. One of those distractions was creating the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, Emperor IESUS MANU, which sounds like Jesus Emanuel, or Jesus Manoel. So that was one form of distraction. Then the other form of distraction was having Jesus’ grandson and great grandson — and probably going down another 5 lineages of adopted Jesus children and grandchildren etc. to become Caesar — that went on from AD 96 to AD 192, so for 96 years. So the Caesars, who were Jesus’ grandson, were actually in control. They were forming part of the distraction to take the focus away from them being Jesus’ lineage. So if they have got a competing Caesar, they say “IESUS MANU” — great, we love it, it is a good distraction, keep it up.

Mark Windows: Ok, so, yes. It is getting very confusing in some ways, because you are talking about, really, a plan to throw everything into a kind of confusion and obscurity, so people cannot find out about it, is that what you’re saying?

Greg Hallett: Well yes, it is self-protecting. He apparently died in Jerusalem, so one goes to the Algarve, and one goes to England, and they hide their identity. You don’t walk around in another country and say “Hi, I’m Jesus the Dead Guy”, you know, you come with different names and different occupations. But the bible does give codes to Jesus of the Algarve, and Jesus of England. With Jesus of the Algarve you’ve got “Walking on Water”, “Bathing of the Feet”, and “Turning Water into Wine”, and “Appearing as a Ghost”.

Mark Windows: Ok, so how does that fit into the Algarve?

Greg Hallett: They’re all locations of where Jesus lived. If you look at the Algarve around Faro, which is about FARO, spelled F A R O, but it actually means PHARAO from Egypt, that is what it means, it has had many different spellings, many different connotations, but it actually means Pharaoh of Egypt. So he lived inland from FARO — about 10 km inland. And there was a river going up, and halfway up is a town called “Conçueio”, which is a Conception, and there is a tunnel that goes all the way up from Faro to right where he lived, and in 1954 a 9 year old boy walked up through that tunnel and there were still artifacts in that tunnel. And I would venture that the artifacts in that tunnel are the basis of Freemasonry.

Mark Windows: Well, this really fits in with the importance of Portugal and its relationship with Great Britain, doesn’t it?

Greg Hallett: Yes, but it is also “Coming from the Darkness into the Light”.

Mark Windows: Well yes, all this stuff is allegorical. I am just reading the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, and really it seems to be the same story all the way through apart from some very revealing bits of text which I’ve pulled out. But as far as THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND goes and the True Lineage, how does that affect the story of Marcos Manoel?

Greg Hallett: Yes, this does lead up to the True Lineage and the True Royal Family, but I just wanted to explain how the Bible has recorded where Jesus lived in the Algarve. So the Initiates would go up through this tunnel, but there was also a river going up to that tunnel which has since dried up. And that river used to end in a port, an actual port, basically at the bottom of the garden of Jesus’ place. And there was a Roman bridge going over it called ‘The Marshal Bridge’ which refers to Marci, John Marci, which was Jesus son’s name, his firstborn son’s name was John Marci. And then there was a spring, a very lively spring that came down and that fed a vineyard, so the water that came out of the spring watered the vineyard, and turned it into wine, he turned water into wine — Jesus owned a vineyard.

Mark Windows: Is that where the Bloodline of the Vine comes from then?

Greg Hallett: Vine is a code name; Vine Lineage is a code name for Jesus.

Mark Windows: So the Merovingian Vine, the bloodline they are claiming, is that the True Lineage?

Greg Hallett: Merovingian means ‘Men of the Vine of the Giants’.

Mark Windows: That’s right.

Greg Hallett: Jesus was on that lineage, but he also had a vineyard — so he made wine. The other thing is, walking into his water temple, you bathed your feet. The water level was 13 1/7th inches deep. And then if you look up John 13 1:7, it talks about ‘Bathing the Feet’.

Mark Windows: That’s very interesting.

Greg Hallett: So the measurement is a code in the bible and that is why you have something pertinent, and then a whole lot of gobbledeegoog in the bible until they come to the next number which is pertinent. And then they say something interesting. The other thing is, outside of the temple he would have flames on sticks, like on the outside of the temple. So there is the temple, and then there is a gap of about 10 paces, and then there is the Villa. And on the entrance to the Villa, that is where the decibels slept. So Jesus would go for his morning prayers in the temple just before dawn and then come out — morning prayers, morning contemplation — you can’t really pray to yourself now, can you — and his shadow or reflection would reflect on the water and on the ceiling — from the flames onto him onto the water onto the ceiling. So an image of him would come across the ceiling and the decibels would be lying there half-awake, seeing Jesus’ ghost.

Mark Windows: Yes, as I said earlier, it all seems to be allegorical, isn’t it?

Greg Hallett: Well, it is allegorical for various different things that describe a location and a piece of architecture and when you get there and see it, you go “Aha, that is fantastic!” and then you understand it, right. And you know, he hid very well, he was 10 km inland. Not only that, the coast before him, the coast in front of him used to be 6 km away, and it has grown. With earth quakes it has risen up about 10 m every 400 years — so about 40 m. But the actual coast has grown out at least 4 km. So you have got a reasonably modern day fishing villages 2 km inland. So the ground is actually growing out. When you look at the old Aramaic spelling of Christ and find its geography, you’ve got to disallow the new 4-6 km of land that has grown up.

Mark Windows: Ok Greg, so …

Greg Hallett: It is all codified and it is all there, and pictures of the Holy Grail as well — just to put a stamp on it. I am talking photographs of the Holy Grail, not pictures or drawings, I am talking photographs, 4 photographs of the Holy Grail.

Mark Windows: Ok, so what is the Holy Grail?

Greg Hallett: Well, the Holy Grail is lots of things. It is a whole new episode, but it is also a cup and these photographs are of the cup.

Mark Windows: I think that is for simplistic minds, isn’t it? You have to have it as some kind of object.

Greg Hallett: Well, not really, because there is carvings on it of the Life Symbol, the Tree of Life Symbol.

Mark Windows: Very interesting that you mention the Merovingian Bloodline because when we were at Pena Castle, we got some extremely interesting photographs of this creature which is in a vine. And both the entrance to the castle, no one is really allowed entrance into this room, it is closed off to the public, and it is like this demon that is coming out of a vine. It is a very different aspect, is this missing information of ‘The Men of the Vine of the Giants’? So is this the biblical Annunaki?

Greg Hallett: Well yes, the Annunaki were Giants from space — from them came the King lineage. Yes, who became the Nephilim.

Mark Windows: The Nephilim, yes.

Greg Hallett: Yes, there’s lots of names for it. So basically in that aspect, Christianity is a ‘UFO Cargo Cult’.

Mark Windows: A lot of people find that actually, very hard to take, but in a way I agree with that because it fits in with my particular line of research.

Greg Hallett: Well, you look at medieval paintings with UFOs on them. You look at Archangel Michael and he is standing with wings and he is holding an antigravity disc. He is holding a UFO in his hand, and the Catholic Church reproduces them everywhere.

Mark Windows: They do seem to have this superior knowledge that is hidden and I’ve covered that a lot, and there seems to be evidence of this bloodline. What fascinates me is who these people really are. So we are getting into a very fascinating subject here in the respect of — this appears to be a group of people on this planet who are in control now who have usurped the bloodline that you’re saying is divine — and I believe it is — so how does that fit in now with THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND?

Greg Hallett: I give it to you in brief. The Rothschilds ran the European wars, and the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon and Wellington — fighting on the French and the British sides — were both Rothschild agents. Napoleon lost, Wellington won, Homing Pigeons left from Waterloo to Bank with the contrary message saying that Napoleon had won — just in case that there was a straight bird. Everyone on the stock market who was told that Napoleon had won, cashed in all their stocks. And then Nathan Mayer Rothschild bought up all the stocks on rock bottom prices, then released the true news that Wellington had won. And with that, he took over the Bank of England, virtually bankrupted the British Royal Family, and in exchange for funding the British Royal Family he claimed Breeding Rights.

So Princess Victoire Louise, she was Queen Victoria’s mother, she was travelling to Switzerland, stopped by in France and underwent a ceremony called ‘The Merovingian Bestia Neptuni Procreation Tradition’ aka Threesome, and that was with Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Baron James Mayer de Rothschild, who was the French Baron Rothschild, and it was his seed that took hold, and that resulted in Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria looks identical to Baron James Mayer de Rothschild, French Baron Rothschild. So Queen Victoria was illegitimate but she was still made Queen. But before she became Queen, she secretly married the Second in line to the British Throne, who is Blind Prince George of Cumberland, and they married at Mont Saint Michel in Normandy on Britain’s Mother Day on 9th of March 1834, and then about 57 days later Queen Victoria gave birth in Carlisle Castle in England to Marcos Manoel who was a Legitimate Firstborn from the First and Second in Line to the British Throne, although Victoria was secretly illegitimate, but Blind Prince George was legitimate. And then Marcos Manoel was shipped to Portugal, and Queen Victoria has Portuguese ancestry dating back to the Constable of Portugal in 1340.

Marcos Manoel was raised in Lisbon, and then when he was 16, he went back to live with his mother Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wight from the age of 16 or 21 or 22, and then he moved back to Lisbon and married, and the woman he married is very very likely the Principal female descendant of Jesus of the Algarve. That is how the lineage was joined again — Jesus of England and Jesus of the Algarve — with Marcos Manoel and his wife Anna Thereza and their firstborn son José Marcus, who was born in 1857, and he was actually also the True King of England. And he knew it, he absolutely knew it.

Mark Windows: So some people who watch this are going toask — Greg, just to get this in here, it is quite important — so if Queen Victoria was illegitimate, why is Marcos Manoel legitimate?

Greg Hallett: Because the true kingship can come from Blind Prince George of Cumberland, who was the Second in line to the Throne, who was the father.

Mark Windows: He was a real Royal, that’s what you are saying.

Greg Hallett: He was also made the King of Hanover.

Mark Windows: Yes!

Greg Hallett: What happened then is, all of the official children of Queen Victoria were made ever more illegitimate, and the entire British Royal Family from King Edward VII have been Illegitimate Bastards. And a Royal bastard is called a ‘Bâtard’. And Illegitimates who are in a position of Queen or King and their family are called ‘Flat Lie Royal’, and we’ve had a ‘Flat Lie Royal Family’ for 160 years

Mark Windows: This is very interesting, Greg.

Queen Victoria's Portuguese Ancestry

Greg Hallett: Yes. I just give you a brief rundown on the kingship. Queen Victoria was 1837—1901. Her son King Edward VII was 1901—1910. He was sired by Baron Lionel Nathan Rothschild who was the Head of the Central Bank in London and that was done while Queen Victoria was under the influence of Burundanga or Scopolamine, with Prince Albert holding Queen Victoria’s hand while she was administered the Burundanga. And the banker Lionel Nathan Rothschild was having sex and procuring children with Queen Victoria on her most fertile days, and that resulted in 9 dull children.

King Edward VII was considered retarded and mad, phrenologically insane — he was considered a mad-man. His son was apparently King Georg V who reigned from 1910—1936.

However, King Georg V was actually sired by the person who became Tsar Alexander III. He was known as Tsarevich Sascha, he had an older brother called Tsarevich Nicolas or Grand Duke Nicolas II, and his elder brother was the runt.

So he killed his elder brother and then had sex with his fiancée, or his fiancée’s sister, who was Princess Alexandra of Wales, and then killed his older brother, and then took the position as Tsar Alexander III of Russia. If you have a look at the photos of King Georg V of England and Tsar Nicolas II, son of Tsar Alexander III — Tsar Nicolas II and Georg V are identical. They were first cousins anyway because their mothers were sisters — but they had the same father.

That is proven because King Edward VII was away at the time of conception, he was then known as Bert Prince of Wales, and he was taken from Denmark away for 30 days, 26 days to Sweden, so that he could not possibly have been anywhere near Alexandra, Princess of Wales, at the time of the conception of King Georg V. And Georg V was also conceived in a Black Moon Month, which meant that all the Russians and Scandinavians and Wiccans considered Georg V to be a true King. That is the reason why they killed Georg V’s elder brother, or faked the death of Georg V’s older brother Prince Eddy, and they did that through the Jack the Ripper Murders.

Mark Windows: I have actually heard that story been talked about recently. So really what we are doing here is, we are unveiling history here …

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … and it is going tocome as a shock to quite a lot of people, but I think it is very interesting to go back to that filming we did in 2010 …

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … when you were talking to the Queen’s Guard — there is something very intuitive about people in Britain sometimes …

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … when you said that the Current British Monarchy are Fake, he said “You’re probably right!” — instinctively!

Greg Hallett: Yes, I know he said it instinctively. Yes — they are Fake and they are Illegitimate — and he said “You are probably right!” and I added something else, and he said “You are probably right!” He confirmed twice that the current Queen is Fake!

Mark Windows: And that is very important. When you get people who have actually sworn allegiance to the Queen, which he had done because he was in the Queen’s Guards, he was working within the Metropolitan Police …

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … but he was really part of the Queen’s Guards …

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … and for him to say that …

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … in public . . .

Greg Hallett: … yes …

Mark Windows: … ok, he might not have known that he was being filmed — but that he said it anyway, I think, is very revealing. And that is what I find most fascinating with people, when they find about the story, because for some reason it resonates.

Greg Hallett: Yes, I know what you are saying. I appreciate that.

I continue with the Illegitimacy of the British Royal Family:

Queen Victoria, Blind Prince
George of Cumberland,
they gave birth to Marcos Manoel.

It’s the Legitimate Line.
He was born 1834 in England.
Then Queen Victoria was given
Burundanga, conceived a child
with Lionel Nathan Rothschild
and that was King Edward VII
who was illegitimate and mad.

And then he officially sired
King George V who reigned
1910—1936, but he didn’t.

George V was sired by
Tsar Alexander III of Russia.

And then George V sired
George VI, who reigned
from 1936—52.

George VI was one (1) IQ-point
above retarded, he had 67 IQ.

He was a knocked-knees
chain-smoking alcoholic.

And no one wanted to
marry him — no one.

Queen Victoria, Blind Prince George of Cumberland, they gave birth to Marcos Manoel. That is the Legitimate Line. He was born 1834 in England. Then Queen Victoria was given Burundanga, conceived a child with Lionel Nathan Rothschild and that was King Edward VII who was illegitimate and mad. And then he officially sired King George V who reigned 1910—1936, but he didn’t. George V was sired by Tsar Alexander III of Russia. And then George V sired George VI, who reigned from 1936—52. George VI was one (1) IQ-point above retarded, he had 67 IQ. He was a knocked-knees chain-smoking alcoholic. And no one wanted to marry him — no one.

Mark Windows: That sounds like the average British man.

Greg Hallett: Well, the only reason this charade has gone on for so long is the distraction of soccer.

Mark Windows: Yeah, that is very true, that is very true because if people concentrated and were able to remember things, this would have dawned on people a bit earlier, yes!

Greg Hallett: So George VI was legitimate to George V, but he was retarded. So he had a child with — purportedly — Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, but — Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was first engaged to Edward VIII, and Edward VIII wasn’t crowned King, and he was in the position of King from January to December 1936, and then he abdicated. And then in 1921, when he was about to become engaged to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon — it was announced in the papers — first thing he said to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was “I am going to abdicate!”. So a week later Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was engaged to the second brother George, who became King George VI.

But George VI was a chain-smoking alcoholic with knocked knees and a terrible stutter. And he kind of had a frog-like resemblance, he looked like a frog. So Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon swished herself with her maid, and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid became engaged to the person who became George VI. And Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid and King George VI got married in 1923 and conceived a child. And that was a son, and that son was epileptic and they left him to die on the gurney, a hospital gurney, a hospital bed. And then George VI was removed from the genetic gene pool of the Royal Family, and he was replaced with another Semi-Royal who was also illegitimate — and that was Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII who was an illegitimate son of Queen Victoria. So Winston Churchill provided the sperm, there was no sex. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon didn’t do sex, until she got to New Zealand, so Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid with Winston Churchill’s sperm conceived Princess Elizabeth and conceived Princess Margret in 1926 and 1930. And Princess Elizabeth, whom we know as Queen Elizabeth II, she was actually born above a pub. She was considered so low, she was born above a pub! Above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair.

Mark Windows: She has come a long way!

Greg Hallett: No, it is a long con! And the first person to look down on her was the Communist Spy Anthony Blunt when he was 17 going “Goo goo”.

So Queen Elizabeth II is illegitimate. Lord Louis Mountbatten knew this, and he had a nephew without a Kingdom called Prince Phillip, and Lord Louis Mountbatten negotiated with King George VI and his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid, to not reveal the secret in exchange for Prince Phillip marrying Princess Elizabeth.

Mark Windows: Well, that is very interesting!

Greg Hallett: So you have an illegitimate Queen Elizabeth. And then she has a child Charles with Phillip and a child Ann with Phillip, and then she has a child Andrew with Lord Porchester, her Racing Manager, and she has a child Edward with her House-Secretary, Secretary of the Royal House, Lord Plunkett. So Queen Elizabeth II has four (4) children to three (3) different fathers. So she is, you know, really on the level of a State-House-Mum.

Mark Windows: Well it sounds like what you said just there. Well I don’t doubt that they are illegitimate. It makes sense with what happened to Britain.

Greg Hallett: Yes. Basically, because Queen Elizabeth II is illegitimate, anyone who knows that knowledge goes up to Parliament and David Cameron and all the Prime Ministers, and goes “Your Queen is illegitimate. We won’t expose that if you do this for us” i.e. massive immigration, change the color of the entire nation, and join the EU etc. etc. Totally compromised! So Britain is totally compromised because you have got an illegitimate Queen who is not a Royal!

Queen Elizabeth II is the daughter of a maid, and an illegitimate Non-Royal, whose father was a mad Half-Royal.

Mark Windows: That does make sense!

Greg Hallett: It is insane, Britain’s monarchy is absolutely insane, and what they have done is, they said, ok, we are not going to release the secret for 200 years! And we call it the Shin, the Forbidden Secret. The secret will go from 1812 to 2012, with basically the death of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who was Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s father. Yes. So that is how it was done. So the Forbidden Secret was allowed to come out in 2012, and I started to work on it. I wrote some pre-stories in 2007 called “How to Take Over the World: A Right Royal Con”. Then I started to write THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND from March 2010. There was an amazing amount of sabotage! I could talk for 8 hours. I have actually done talks before on the sabotage I have had, it is just phenomenal!

But anyway, it took 4 years, and it is 5 Volumes, and it reveals the whole Lineage of the British and European Royal Families, and their origins, and the Jesuses, what the Jesuses did, and how all of the British and European Families are now — most of them — are illegitimate.

And it is like, we need a reset. And we have got the reset button, and one of them is the Holy Grail, and the other is the Knowledge of the two Jesuses. One of the biggest things in Kingship is actually finding Jesus’ grave, and I found 10 Jesus graves, because you know — there are two Jesus …

Mark Windows: You said that Jesus is an incredibly common name, and that is very important, isn’t it.

Greg Hallett: Jesus was the fifth most common name at the time, and Simon was the fourth. So it was easy to move around with that name. And Jesus is still a common name in America, in the Latin countries. It is not really a big deal, it is in the WASP countries, that Jesus is considered, you know, such a big name.

The reason he survived is, they were so in tune! And when you see the overall picture of what the Jesuses did, it is absolutely fantastic! Jesus of England started Common Law; Greenwich Mean Time is done in Jesus of England’s honour, which means — he is everywhere, every place, he is your bearings, your North, your South, your East and your West, because it is Greenwich Mean Time, it is the Prime Meridian! It was created off him, it was marked off him! It was actually marked off both Jesuses, because it was a battle between King Louis XIV and the English over the Prime Meridian. And that actually gives the codes of where Jesus was killed — in London — off Greenwich Mean Time — off the Prime Meridian — off Greenwich.

So then it is another dimension, where you can’t deny it when you see the codes, and you go, ok, you have got a church steeple over there, and there are exactly 5 miles, and there is Greenwich Mean Time, and it is 120 degrees, that means Trinivantium. And Trinivantium is an ancient name for London. And the other ancient name for London is LONDINVM, and Londinvm means Lion Desposyni Virgin Mary — so the Lion Children of the Virgin Mary, which included Jesus.

Mark Windows: Well, that really explains the importance of England, and from what you are saying, the importance of Portugal.

Greg Hallett: Yes well, England and Portugal have got the oldest treaty — the 1373 Treaty of Windsor — which I believe is your real surname, Windsor.

Mark Windows: It was one of my father’s Middle Names actually.

Greg Hallett: Was it?

Mark Windows: Yes!

Greg Hallett: Ok.

That is a Taken Name. Before that it was Saxe-Coburg and Gotha — which is actually a Fake Name taken from Prince Albert, who wasn’t a Prince, and his surname wasn’t Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. His name was Albert of Saxony, because he was illegitimate. So the British took the most illegitimate Semi-Prince they could out of Germany and married him to Queen Victoria. And they changed his name, so when they changed his citizenship from German to British, it wasn’t legal, and they married them under a Fake Name, so it wasn’t a legal marriage, and Prince Albert sired none of Queen Victoria’s children. And when Queen Victoria had had 9 children, and the youngest one was 2 ½ years old, it was only then that Prince Albert was called Prince Consort Albert. And he never consorted, he died a Virgin!

Mark Windows: Well, historically, in a way, it does make sense.

Greg Hallett: At the age of 42 they killed him with Pneumonia. They stuck him in Windsor Castle in December, he had a slight cold. They basically chained him to the bed, wouldn’t let him out of bed, wouldn’t let him out of the room in Windsor Castle, and then opened all the windows in winter. He basically froze to death!

Mark Windows: Yes, they’re not known for their Charitable Actions, are they really.

Greg Hallett: So Prince Albert was not the father of any of the Royal Children. All of the official 9 children of Queen Victoria were illegitimate, and they did — especially the youngest, Princess Beatrice was Queen Victoria’s secretary — and she got all of Queen Victoria’s letters, rewrote all of them, and then burnt the originals, so that the entire history we get of Queen Victoria comes through her daughter, her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice, who was a complete battle-ax, who was doing everything she could to remove any mention of Marcos Manoel — who was the Legitimate Royal.

Mark Windows: Well, it does make sense, because as we know, we’re told a version of history. And when we look at history properly, none of it makes sense, but what we have to look at is ‘Who benefits’.

Greg Hallett: Yes. Yes, true!

Mark Windows: So, Hidden King of England, where can we get the book?

Greg Hallett: THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND, you can get it from


The highest standard of books used to be Folio books. But now these books THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND outstrip them on quality. They’re hardcover, yellow ribbon, really high quality paper, really high quality print, 700 color photos with no bleed-through, so we basically had to go for the same print as to print money.

So they’re not cheap, but they hold the secrets to the Freedom of the English people from a Tyrannical Royal Family which is destroying England to cover up for their Illegitimacy.

Mark Windows: Well, that makes complete sense historically with what is happening to Britain at the moment.

Greg Hallett: It’s disgusting!

Mark Windows: It is being driven into complete debt-slavery, it is getting worse. And on behalf of the Crown, which is not the Crown, which is now the UN, they’re gonna steal all the property. So we have an outside force, which is the United Nations, which by their own admission is above all International Law, acting as Land Pirates.

Greg Hallett: Yes, Land Grabs. However, England joining the EU and the UN etc. is not legal, because as soon as Queen Elizabeth signed her first signature on the EU secession papers in 1952, she also signed her own abdication. She has abdicated at least 9 times. She has abdicated silently, because she has never been a real Queen and she is not a Royal. Queen Elizabeth II is not a Royal, she is Illegitimate, she is not a Princess, she has never been crowned, she has never been a Queen. Her crowning was like a black-and-white blurred vision practice run without the Stone of Scone — and it was very difficult to identify, whether it was Queen Elizabeth or not! And — the entity you know as Queen Elizabeth II is not on your coins, and is not on your notes. That is a stand-in, I think her name is Ms. Sanderson. So you’ve got this fictitious Queen Elizabeth II. Totally fictitious, filling up a gap where the correct Royal can stand in …

Mark Windows: Exactly!

Greg Hallett: … with let’s say, a correct Royal Mark! Like the Holy Grail would do it! And I hold a letter from Queen Victoria saying ‘Assemble Him Claimant of the United Kingdom’ — I hold that letter! So that letter is actually enough to Claim the Kingship of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!

Mark Windows: It is very interesting, Greg, because we are talking about someone here who reads a teleprompter once a year, and that is about it really! That is all she does!

Greg Hallett: Yes, yes! She is not the Queen, she is an actor! She is an actor in a compromised marriage who is part of a long lineage of Fake and Illegitimate children - to bankers, to racing managers, to basically a person who takes care of the house, and they have nailed it on the head with King Juan Carlos siring Prince William of England. And that was the reason King Juan Carlos was made to abdicate, because I exposed him as the father of Prince William.

And King Juan Carlos was also the President of the Almanach de Gotha Society, which recorded the lineage of the Royals including Prince William. And King Juan Carlos failed to show that he was the father of Prince William, so first his daughter Christina was charged with embezzlement — he still didn’t get the hint — and he was also the Honorary President of the World Wildlife Foundation, WWF, and he went to Africa, shot some big game, and his leg was broken! And the leg represents kingship — so it was a broken kingship. So King Juan Carlos from Spain was made to abdicate — from the information that I showed very definitely, there were photos from Juan Carlos and Prince William at the same age, they were identical, definitely father and son, and Princess Diana was known to have had four affairs with him in the 80s, and even Prince Charles was there.

So Prince William is illegitimate, so they used the shooting game and the breaking of the leg, which was done purposefully in Africa, as cover for his reason to abdicate. But I was living 8 m from the coast in the Algarve at the time, and at the same time that the King of Spain announced that he was going to abdicate on the 29th of May 2014, the Portuguese Navy parked outside my sea cave for 25 minutes — like as a salute!

Mark Windows: They moored out there, they couldn’t really park, I suppose, because otherwise they would have gotten a ticket!

Greg Hallett: No, they didn’t park or moor, they just came at about 2 knots, parked outside of my sea cave, stayed there for about 15 minutes, then moved about 18 meters to about 45 degrees, stopped again, and then they sent a zodiac to my shore, and I had a 14 m cliff face going down, from where I lived there were 8 m to the shore and then there was a vertical drop for 14 m, and there was no way they could get up there. And then the zodiac went, and the whole episode took about 35 minutes.

I had another witness, and that was exactly at the same time that King Juan Carlos announced that he was going to abdicate — and I predicted that 6 weeks beforehand! And I went down to the usual meeting place that night, and this guy said (Mike Steward is his name)

"Kudos to you! 6 weeks ago you predicted . . .!
I said 'What is going to happen next?'
and you said 'The King of Spain is going to abdicate!'
and he did! He absolutely did!"

Mark Windows: Well Greg, this is absolutely fascinating stuff!

Greg Hallett: And King Juan Carlos abdicated, because he is the father of Prince William of England, have a look at the photos, it is on TheWorldOfTruth.net, there is a video of it, showing the photos, comparisons, the faces, the ears, the nose, the cheeks, the jaw, this area here (Greg Hallett points to the nose and mouth), you have to really look at that area — and they are identical!

Mark Windows: Well yes, what I can say — that without a shadow of a doubt is, he looks nothing like his brother!

Greg Hallett: And he looks nothing like his father, Prince Charles.

Mark Windows: That is a very good point.

Greg Hallett: Yes! Prince Charles actually voluntarily abdicated on Guy Fawkes 2013 to his friends. He said to his friends “You know, as soon as this charade is over, I just can’t wait. I’m out. I’m just not interested in being a King at all! It is just a charade!”

Mark Windows: He has always been a man, who it seems, is under pressure.

Greg Hallett: He is a Runt, he is a Royal Runt! Prince Charles is the Royal Runt!

Mark Windows: Yes, I suppose what you could say about him, is he needs to grow some kind of balls, but he can’t because of what you are saying.

Greg Hallett: He has actually been quite honorable in abdicating, he has told his friends that he is going to abdicate as soon as he can. For example, if Queen Elizabeth died or abdicated, then Charles would abdicate straight away. Queen Elizabeth II is not Queen Elizabeth II, they call her Elizabeth II, but she is not, she is just Elizabeth Mountbatten. The UN also calls her Elizabeth Mountbatten, and Mountbatten is the surname assigned to Illegitimate Royals.

Mark Windows: It is really interesting Greg, because the UN have completely taken over this country, their change agents are all over it, we do not seem to have a monarchy because, as I have said, she just reads a teleprompter once a year and the rest of them just do Photo-Ops, and they pretend to be in the military sometimes!

Greg Hallett: Yes, they are actors, they are just actors. They are actors waiting for the True King!

Mark Windows: Well, I hope you can supply us with that, Greg.

Greg Hallett: I can!

Mark Windows: It does need a bit of leadership at the moment!

They’re just actors
waiting for the True King!

Greg Hallett: Cheers Mark!

Mark Windows: Cheers Greg!


Music clip at the end:

Mark Windows: Well, it does make sense because, as we know, we are told a version of history, and when we look at history properly, none of it makes sense, and all we have to look at is 'who benefits'. Hidden King of England — Where can we get the book?

Greg Hallett: THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND — You can get it from www.thehiddenkingofengland.com,

They are hardcover, yellow ribbon, really high quality paper, really high quality print, 700 color photos with no bleed through. So we really had to go for basically the same print as to print money - so they're not cheap. But they hold the secrets to the Freedom of the English people from a tyrannical Royal Family which is destroying England to cover up for their Illegitimacy!

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose